JD Capital Logged in the NEEQ


According to reply made by NEEQ Co., Ltd., JD Capital was listed in NEEQ, with its stock number of 430719, on April 23rd, stating that it is the first PE enterprise in the NEEQ. JD Capital issued its private equity placements as listed, and then its net assets reached 3.64 billion yuan.

JD Capital stated that it had laid a solider capital foundation for its future businesses and business expanding after listed in the capital market and getting through the financing channels. Besides, rigid restrictions in corporate management and information disclosure of public enterprises contributes to further building and improving the brand value.

The main body which was listed is Beijing Tongchuang JD Investment Management Co., Ltd. (short for JD Capital), the parent firm of Kunwu JD Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Kunwu JD). After issuance, JD Capital holds 98.07% of shares of Kunwu JD. At present, more than 99% of revenue of JD Capital is generated by Kunwu JD.? Established in 2007, Kunwu JD is a professional equity investment and management firm registered in National Development and Reform Commission and Asset Management Association of China. JD Capital has ranked top 10 for five consecutive years since 2009 in the list made by the third-party research firm, Zero2IPO Group, for China’s PE investment firms. In 2011 and 2012, it stood first among Top 50 China’s PE Firms and was awarded “China’s Best PE Firm”. On March 25th, 2014, Kunwu JD was granted the Registration Certificate of Private Equity Fund Manager by Asset Management Association of China, making it a financial agency engaged in PE fund investment and management businesses such as PE portfolio investment, equity investment, and venture capital investment. 

By the end of October 31st, 2013, JD Capital had managed 26.4 billion yuan in total and completed 209 investment projects involved in 8 industries including consumption, service, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, materials, equipment, mining and newly-developing industry, with total investment of 15.43 billion yuan. It had exited from 24 projects, with the total investment of 1.17 billion yuan, an exit of 2.7 billion yuan and the overall IRR of 38.1%. At present, it manages 185 projects, with the total investment of 14.26 billion yuan, the project evaluation of 25.1 billion yuan and the overall IRR of 30.2%. 

The future development strategy of JD Capital focuses the following:

1. Continuously adhering to long-term equity investment in growth enterprises and strengthening merge-based investment; 2. Improving its professionalization in the VC investment and increasing the proportion of projects earlier invested; 3. Enriching varieties of bond and mezzanine investment and expanding debt investment; 4. Applying for managing the publicly offered funds; 5. Developing other kind of asset management businesses at the right time, such as real estate fund investment management and NPA management; and 6. Developing overseas investment management businesses.

It is a new starting point for JD Capital to enter the capital market and be a public enterprise. In the future, JD Capital will adhere to its core concepts of professionalization, integrity, and customers first, and continue to improve its strength and competitiveness, with a view to create values for enterprises and superior returns for investors and to contribute to development of the asset management industry as well as the social and economic development by virtue of good operation performance with efforts. In addition, as a public enterprise which has signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRIs), JD Capital will strictly abide by all regulatory rules and PRIs and will be committed to be a responsible corporate citizen.