Two JD-invested Companies Approved for IPO


On September 8, JD Capitals had information from the fund it runs that Cisen Pharmaceutical and Jiudian Pharmaceutical, two of its investees, were officially approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission CSRC for IPO and will soon go public on the A-share market.

Several funds ran by JD Capital, namely Beijing Kunwu JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, Suzhou Xiaqibaoshou JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, Suzhou Xiaqishengshi JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, Suzhou Xiaqixingxian JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, Suzhou Xiaqizhishi JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, and Suzhou Xiaqizhuoxing JD Pharmaceutical Investment Center, altogether hold 14,630,000 shares of Cisen Pharmaceutical, 4.14% of its total capital prior to IPO.

Xiaqizhuoxing and Suzhou Huikang Investment Center, two funds ran by JD Capital, hold 8,800,000 shares of Jiudian Pharmaceutical, 10% of its total capital prior to IPO.

Jiudian Pharmaceutical specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technology transfer of pharmaceutical products of four categories, namely drug preparations, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPCs), pharmaceutic adjuvants, and plant extracts. As a modern pharmaceutical company dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and marketing, Jiudian is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as a national key hi-tech enterprise, and the brand “Jiudian” is recognized as a famous one of Hunan Province.

The company is strong in independent R&D. Its technology center has been recognized as the Corporate Technology Center of Hunan, Hunan Engineering Research Center for New Gel and Medicinal Extract, and Hunan Engineering Technology Research Center for Respiratory Medicine. Also, Jiudian has set up an elite R&D team and state-of-the-art labs. A complete testing platform from lab research and pilot test to commercialization has been established. It undertakes over 10 national and provincial level projects, and has won the second and third prizes of Hunan Technological Advance Award for many of those projects. 

The fund ran by JD Capital bought shares of Jiudian Pharmaceutical in 2013 and holds 10% of its shares prior to IPO.

Cisen Pharmaceutical specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, mainly chemical drug preparations. It produces high-volume injections (including non-PVC soft bags, plastic bottles and glass bottles), freeze-dried powder injections, small-volume injections, tablets, and capsules, including 202 varieties of 330 specifications. Adefovir dipivoxil (bulk and tablet), one of its independently developed medicine, was awarded the certificate for national first type of new drug (FTND) and the first prize for technological advance in Shandong. It also gained financial support from MOST as well as provincial and municipal level technological innovation funds. For three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015, the company was recognized as “Best Industrial Enterprise of China’s Pharmaceutical R&D Product Line” by the China Medical Industry Information Center.

The fund ran by JD Capital holds 4.14% of its shares prior to IPO.

So far in 2017, 9 enterprises invested by JD Capital have gone or will go public on the A-stock market. They are Jiudian Pharmaceutical, Chanhen Chemical, Cisen Pharmaceutical, Jinneng Science and Technology, KE Electric, Chengyi Pharmaceutical, Juewei Food, Doctorglasses, and Huida Sanitary Ware.