Gifore Agricultural Launched Industrial M&A Fund with JD Capital


GIFORE (Stock Code: 300022) announced today that it co-launched Suzhou Sannong Jodin Venture Center LLP(“Sannong Jodin M&A Fund”) with JD Capital. Sannong Jodin M&A Fund takes agricultural distribution and relevant enterprises as the main investment targets, which is expected to reserve quality resources for a routine and planned expansion of GIFORE. The M&A investment project invested by the fund shall be acquired by GIFORE.

Sannong Jodin M&A Fund, as the industrial M&A platform of GIFORE, shall take full advantage of JD Capital’s resource edge to acquire or participate in enterprises in agricultural or relevant industry in accordance with the company’s development strategy and enhance its leading position in the industry and promote its rapid development through industrial consolidation and M&A.

GIFORE remarked that the powerful combination via the establishment of industrial M&A fund shall attract social capital to the agricultural distribution sector and promote the development of new financial instruments and funding channels within the sector. In the meantime, the enhancement of industrial concentration through market competition would also speed up the transformation of the small, scattered and messy status quo and boost the sector’s service level and influence in the industrial chain. With the help of JD Capital in professional filtering and due diligence of target projects as well as its prior-acquisition training and operation enhancement of the target enterprises, it shall do much good to the M&A expansion of GIFORE while control or eliminate the various kinds of uncertainties in M&A so as to protect the interests of shareholders of the GIFORE.