Jiedaibao of Jiuding Holdings Sets to Launch National Market Plan


The mobile financial APP of Jiuding Holdings, Jiedaibao, is scheduled to launch the decisive operation and promotion plan in August 8, after which users can make money as a reward through the recommendation mechanism without any principal investment. This activity will be extensive and intensive, carried out both online and offline.

Jiuding Holdings is a top comprehensive financial holding group in China. JD Capital (430719), a subsidiary of Jiuding Holdings, is a leading comprehensive assets management institution and the first PE stock in China with a market capitalization exceeding 100 billion yuan. Jiuding Holdings also has Kunwu JD Investment Management Co., Ltd. dealing in equity investment, JT Asset Management Co., Ltd. engaging in public funds, and JZ Securities Co., Ltd. working on securities business, etc. In addition, the establishment of a private bank and a life-insurance company is also under preparation. As for Internet finance, Jiuding Holdings possesses its private P2P brand, Jiuxin Finance. Once Jiedaibao comes into service, it is expected to strategically collaborate with other brands, thus achieving mutual development.

Jiedaibao was developed by Renrenxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd, (referred to as “Renrenxing”) to provide lending service for acquaintances. Founded and heavily invested by Tongchuang JD Capital Shareholding Co., Ltd, the controlling shareholder of JD Capital, Renrenxing is a “super Internet financial company” under the new mobile contexts, gathering Chinese top Internet and financial talents.

Jiedaibao is targeted at the unexplored market by addressing the financial needs of ordinary people. President of JD Capital and Renrenxing Wu Gang pointed out that the reward mechanism in this activity tried to bring users more convenient lending and financial products better adapting to the mobile Internet environment. Jiedaibao hopes to absorb more users through the cooperation with users harboring the vision of “Inclusive Finance”, and share the benefits of platform development and product innovation.