JD Nuocheng Public Welfare Foundation Officially Incorporated


Enhance efficiency and social fairness

Safeguard human progress and welfare

Keep JD’s promise through Nuocheng

At the beginning of a New Year, JD Capital gets the green light from Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau for the establishment of Beijing JD Nuocheng Public Welfare Foundation (JD Nuocheng), which will devote itself to improving people’s livelihood and promote technical advances. 

Keep JD’s promise through Nuocheng

Ever since its establishment, JD Capital has been sticking to innovative entrepreneurship and value-oriented investment. Guided by a sound yet aggressive strategy, it made investment decisions with prudence and a sense of responsibility. Through equity investment, it fueled China’s real economy, combined global resources with great opportunities, and thus helped more and more Chinese enterprises to compete on the global stage. 

While continuously optimizing social resource allocation, generating returns for investors and shareholders, boosting growth of investees and providing opportunities for employees, JD Capital will also, via JD Nuocheng, support social economy development, shoulder social responsibility and fulfill its obligations as an enterprise citizen.

By leveraging JD Capital’s capital strength in “finance and industry” and business model, JD Nuocheng will cultivate a welfare philosophy intrinsic to JD Captial’s investment and business model, strive for sustainable social development, enhance efficiency and social fairness and safeguard human progress and welfare.

Safeguard public welfare with capital strength

Over past decade, JD Capital drove forward China’s real economy directly through equity investment; every year, its invested firms contributed over RMB 100 billion to GDP and over RMB 10 billion of tax and created over 100,000 job opportunities. 

As China’s first equity investment firm that has signed UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), JD Capital attaches great importance to environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance in all its investments over the past decade. 

JD Capital will keep its promise to protect environment, shoulder social responsibility, drive technical innovation, improve technical and financial education and boost the sound yet sustainable development of education and technical innovation.

Donation focus of JD Nuocheng

After its establishment, JD Nuocheng will mainly focus on supporting projects related to technical innovation and social development, including but not limited to medical health innovation, information technology and technical innovation, high-end equipment and smart manufacturing, energy innovation and environmental protection, aerospace innovation, and modern agriculture innovation.

In addition, JD Capital will also continue its work on public benefits (poverty relief and aids for school education and the disabled) via Nuocheng.