JD Capital rush to help Henan counties and villages affected by heavy rains


The heavy rainfall and flooding of Henan touched the hearts of the nation. Some counties and townships with weaker infrastructure and rescue strength are still “soaking in water” or besieged by floods and in urgent need of rescue while many parties rush to help Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and other major affected cities.

Through our colleagues and invested enterprise in Henan, JD Capital knows that the Xicun Township of Xiuwu County, Henan Province, was severely affected. Xicun township of Wude county is close to Yuntai Mountain. According to the local introduction, due to the surge of heavy rainfall, landslides, and rocks washed away earthen damsbridges and roads. Besides, the farmer’s house was in water, and farms and fields were flooded. The direct economic losses are estimated at 200 million yuan. According to the introduction of the township head named Yanping, the higher government has promptly allocated all kinds of materials, including foodtentsquilts and so on. But the current recovery and reconstruction still lack some tools and communication equipments. 

After fully knowing the list of local materials needed, the company’s disaster relief team immediately organized the procurement of urgently needed local relief materials, including electric saws, ultra-long-distance radios, and office supplies such as computers and printers be replenished. Besides, foodstuffs such as rice, instant noodles and water are also included. In the case of some materials in Henan has been unable to purchase, we sent our staff to purchase them from the nearby Heifei City and organized vehicles to deliver the relief materials full of JD Capital’s concern to the disaster area safely. “These are the materials we most need here, you have sent them just in time, and I thank you on behalf of the Xicun Township government and the people.” Xicun Township head said that.

In the old Chinese saying, a party in need will get of support from all sides. We believe that Henan will be able to overcome the floods with the support of all parties. We wish Xicun Township return to normal life soon.