JD Capital Forges Strategic Cooperation with Yunnan Daily Press Group


Recently, JD Capital and Yunnan Daily Press Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, forging a mutual-complementary and mutual-beneficial relationship consolidated by mutual trust.

Through cooperation, Yunnan Daily Press Group will be able to gain further access to the capital market by availing itself of JD Capital’s strong resource integration capability and rich capital operating experience. With improved investment and financing and capital operating platform, Yunnan Daily Press Group can use rich capital resource to expand and diversify businesses, imparting fresh vigor to traditional media with diverse lines of businesses, so as to realize the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of traditional media.

JD Capital, on the other hand, will mark its presence in cultural and tourism industries by making the most of the brand influence and cultural and tourism resources of Yunnan Daily Press Group, contributing to the development of cultural and tourism industries in Yunnan Province.

About Yunnan Daily Press Group:

As one of the top five state-owned cultural companies in Yunnan, Yunnan Daily Press Group is committed to innovation and development of Yunnan’s cultural and media industry. Now with a better understanding of the strategy to “promote industry development and traditional media transformation with capital”, the Group is stepping up in exploring the new pattern of “media plus capital”.

With careful deliberation, Yunnan Daily Press Group reorganized its investment arm with a special focus on building its own financing and capital operating platform in 2014. After two years of exploration, the Group established huifusihai.com, the first state-owned online financial platform in Yunnan. So far, the platform has made breakthrough development. The Group has also laid down new measures to participate in capital projects, in an effort to make headways into the capital market.