Linoya Electronics Was Invested in RMB 40 Million Yuan


The reporter recently learned that Kunwu Jiuding, a PE fund subject to Jiuding Capital, a China-based PE enterprise, invested RMB 40 million yuan in Guangdong Linoya Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. (“Linoya Electronics”) in May this year.

It is said that Linoya Electronics is the largest cable connection manufacturer in China. In accordance with the Shareholders’ Agreement, Linoya Electronics planned to be listed and issue A shares in China in 2009.

Located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Linoya Electronics, as China’s largest cable connection manufacturer, is mainly engaged in manufacturing electron lines and data cables. It has a wide customer base in the Pearl River Delta, and mainly provides with parts electronic enterprises in such industries as computer, communication and consuming electronics. As consumer demands on digital communications in China keep growing, its sales volume has risen steadily. In 2007, it realized the revenue of more than RMB 1 billion yuan, with the profit of RMB 50 million yuan. Its sales volume is expected to see a constant increase in 2008.

It is revealed that Linoya Electronics has accelerated its process to be listed under great support of Dongguan Municipal People’s government. After receiving the PE fund, it plans to make more investment in its R&D, adjust its product structure, and increase the proportion of high-end products with high technical content and gross profit rate. In the next five years, it will make great effort to grow into a cable connection manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing as a whole and having strong international competitiveness. 

In recent years, output of consumer electronics, network design products and communication terminals has risen up steadily. Global productivity of cable connections has been transforming to China. As a result, the cable connection sector in China will see a continuous and strong growth momentum, with its output value increasing by 20% or above. At present, China has become the market which produces a maximum of cable connections and grows fastest in the world.