Jiuding Held Consumption Sector Investment Forum


On this forum, firm partners, members of investment committee, heads of industry research teams of Investment Department, and external experts of consumption sector conducted a deep discussion on development and investment opportunities in consumption products industry, products, branding and positioning of fast consumption product enterprises, and products, operation and service of apparel industry, etc.

External experts attending this forum consisted of: Mr. Li Xin, sales director of Mars Food, who had 7 years of sales and marketing experience in P&G and once worked as marketing director of Unilever; Ms. Hu Fangping, sales director of Johnson& Johnson, who had 12 years of sales and marketing experience in P&G and once worked as marketing director of P&D and marketing director Unilever; Mr. Zhao Zhenwei, project director of Guangzhou Exception Apparel, who once worked for 9 years in Hong Kong Esquel Group and acted as retail director; and Mr. Xu Zhenqun, project director of Hejun Consulting, who once worked in Unilever for 5 years. Jiuding Capital Consumption Investment Department I staff attended this forum.

On the forum, the experts delivered excellent speeches on their respective skilled field: Mr. Li Xin and Ms. Hu Fangping made in-depth analysis of the key characteristics of fast consumption enterprises, and proposed their respective special views by combining with the current market situation of China’s fast consumption products; Mr. Zhao Zhenwei analyzed women apparel industry and explored and discussed the future development trend and competition situation of women apparel from an international perspective by quoting Chinese and international cases; and Mr. Xu Zhenqun talked about how to determine one company’s investment value from the perspective of management consulting, and introduced consulting companies’ experience in conducing due diligence. The consumption investment teams had hot discussions with the experts on relevant topics, and exchanged views and thoughts of investments in consumption industry.