The Completion of a Hope Primary School Funded by Jiuding Capital


The Opening Ceremony of Xiangshui Jiuding Hope Primary School funded by Jiuding Capital was held on March 18th. Jiuding Capital Director and Executive President Lei CAI and Deputy President of Jiangyou Municipal PCC Zhang Ruiguang attended the ceremony. Deputy Director of Jiangyou Municipal Education Bureau and Sports Bureau Long He hosted the ceremony.

On behalf of 870,000 Jiangyou people, Zhang Ruiguang expressed a warm welcome to Jiuding Capital for its assistance in the construction of earthquake disaster areas. He said Jiuding Capital donated 300,000 yuan in the construction of a primary school last November. It’s also the first hope primary school built up after the earthquake.

On the ceremony, Zhang Ruiguang, together with Executive President Lei CAI, unveiled the plaque and presented a banner to Jiuding Capital on behalf of Jiangyou Municipal Government, Municipal Education Bureau and Municipal Sports Bureau.

Director Lei CAI gave remarks at the ceremony which ended with the sign language song of “A Grateful Heart” performed by the entire school.