JD Capital Was Awarded Best Investment Firm of the Year 2014


China Venture Investment Conference 2014 was held in Beijing on November 19th and 20th. During the conference themed by “China’s economy structure adjustment and industrial upgrade”, the core elements enhancing the industrial and financial integration have been put forward to create more investment chances among the industry.

Meanwhile, China Venture Ranking List 2014 was published, which selected excellent investors through analyzing the achievements of investment firms, investors and strategic investors in the whole industry so as to encourage more PE/VC firms perform well and push the industry move forward.

JD Capital was rated as China’s Best Investment Firm of the Year 2014 in manufacturing and agriculture.

For PE firms, investment income is the core factor of competition and development. JD Capital has set its foot in consumption, service, medicine, agriculture, material, equipment, emerging industry and mining. The IRR of exit project reaches 38.1 % and managing IRR 30.2%.