JD Capital and Zhaoyuan City (Shandong) Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Promote the Build


Recently, JD Capital and Zhaoyuan Municipal People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will work together and seize the opportunities of Zhaoyuan’s economic restructuring and industrial upgrading to foster fast-growing companies, and to develop key pillar industries and strategic emerging industries. Zhaoyuan City Mayor Sun Fuchun, Vice Mayor Wang Hao and JD Capital CEO He Qiang attended the signing ceremony.

Cooperate to boost the economic development and industrial upgrading of “China’s Gold City”

Known as “China’s Gold City”, Zhaoyuan enjoys a unique geographical advantage. As the strategic gateway in the Bohai Economic Rim, the county is also the transportation hub connecting the Northeast and the Southeast Coast of China. It boasts sound urban infrastructure, an excellent urban environment and a strong industrial foundation, ranking 34th among China’s Top 100 Counties. The three pillar industries are gold, tire and auto parts, which have taken their shape while emerging industries such as new materials and new energy are also flourishing.

The strategic cooperation agreement focuses on Zhaoyuan’s key industrial enterprises, and JD Capital aims to assist their merger, acquisition and investment endeavors within the industry, along industrial chain, or even in a global context. JD Capital will help them grow and develop into leading enterprises with national and global competitiveness, thus driving and leading the economic development of Zhaoyuan. Meanwhile, JD Capital will actively respond to the national strategy of “public entrepreneurship and innovation”, continually explore outstanding start-ups and growing projects, in a way to support the county’s development in its innovation economy and emerging industries.

Furthermore, JD Capital will, under the framework of the “City Cooperation Project”, cooperate with Zhaoyuan in areas of infrastructure, public utilities, tourist attractions, health care and education via debt investment and PPP cooperation, so as to help the local government optimize its asset-liability structure and promote urban development. 

Promote city cooperation and serve local economy through investment

In 2016, JD Capital put forward the “City Cooperation Project” targeting at serving local economic and industrial development, committed to make the best of its experience in equity investment, fund operation, capital operation and industry cultivation to serve the local economy and actively promote the exchanges and cooperation with local governments. By giving into full play the supportive role of financial institutions in the development of real economy, JD Capital aims to “promote development, propel industrial growth and flourish local economic growth” with appropriate investment. 

The cooperation with Zhaoyuan is also a push forward of the “City Cooperation Project”. The two sides will, by jointly pouring resources, combine Zhaoyuan’s advantages in geographical location, technologies and other resources with JD Capital’s experience in investment, financing and capital operation, thus promoting the restructuring, upgrading and leapfrog development of the county’s economy. 

About Zhaoyuan 

The two words “Zhao” and “Yuan” derive from Chinese idiom “Zhao Xie Huai Yuan” (“gathering those in exile and welcoming relatives and friends coming from afar”). The name Zhaoyuan thus implies “welcoming friends and inviting talents”. Located in the northwest of Shandong Peninsula, Zhaoyuan is composed of 9 towns and a national economic and technological development zone, with a total area of 1,433 square kilometers and a population of 570,000. Its GDP in 2015 amounted to 63.98 billion yuan, and the sales revenues from main business of three industrial companies have reached over 10 billion yuan, with three companies listed in the city.

Enjoying abundant resources, Zhaoyuan is especially well known for its rich gold deposit and production. It boasts the largest amount of proven reserve, available reserve and production of gold in China, and is awarded “China's Gold City” in 2002. In recent years, the city has been focusing on the development of advantageous and unique industries to propel urban structure transformation and industrial restructuring, and has fostered several characteristic industries including gold, mining machinery and silk noodle.

Zhaoyuan ranks 34th in China County-level Economy Basic Competitiveness Top 100 and 35th among China’s Top 100 Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Scientific Development List, and ranked 17th among the 86 Shandong counties and cities in terms of economic strength.