Sinowealth Electronic and Star Cable Passes Review by CSRC


According to the CSRC announcement on January 6th, the IPO applications by Sino Wealth Electronics Ltd. (Sinowealth Electronic) and Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd. (Star Cable) were approved by CSRC.

The pre-disclosure shows that Sinowealth Electronic’s total shares before IPO are 96,000,000, and 32,000,000 liquid shares will be issued in the IPO, with 128,000,000 shares after the IPO. Specializing in design and sales of integrated circuit, Sinowealth Electronic is one of the first IC design enterprises recognized by Shanghai Informatization Office. Integrated circuit design for MCU produced by this company is mainly applied to various kinds of household appliances, automotive electronics peripherals, sports equipment, health& medicaltreatment, etc.

Star Cable plans to go public in Shanghai Stock Exchange. The pre-disclosure shows that the total shares before IPO are 260,000,000, and 86,670,000 shares will be issued in the IPO accounting for 25.001% of the total shares after the IPO. Focusing on R&D, manufacture, sales and service of electric wires and cables, Star Cable is the largest manufacture base for special cables in Southwester China.