Two Medical Companies Were Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the First-day Closing Price Raisi


Following UTour Travel, FEITIAN and IDEAR HANYU, Guangxi Liuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Liuzhou Pharmaceutical) and Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which were invested by JD Capital were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully.

On December 4th, Liuzhou Pharmaceutical (603368) landed Shanghai Stock Exchange at a closing price of 37.76 yuan/ share.

Liuzhou Pharmaceutical is Guangxi’s medical leader engaged in hospital sales, drug stores and terminal sales. Since its reconstruction in 2002, it has kept growing at an annual sales rate of over 30%. In 2013, its sales reached 5.32 billion yuan, and tax 280 million yuan, ranking first among the industry. Liuzhou Pharmaceutical will intensify the construction of modern logistic centers and franchise services, keep and enhance its core competition and improve its profitability. In 2010, JD Capital invested in the company, holding 16.21% of its share.

On December 5th, Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (stock name: Fangsheng Pharmaceutical; stock code: 603998) was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange and closed at the price of 21.38yuan/ share.

Fangsheng Pharmaceutical, founded in 2002 and restructured in September 2009, mainly produces Panax notoginseng Saponins, Cefixime Tablets and pediatric drugs. The company was rated as Hunan High-tech Enterprise, Hunan Quality Credit AAA Enterprise, and so on. In 2010, JD Capital invested in the company, holding its share of 15% as the second largest shareholder.

Many projects of JD Capital have attracted people’s attention this year for good market performance. By the end of December 5th, 2014, UTour Travel closed at 151.10 yuan/share, with 24-fold book returns; FEITIAN closed at 136.80 yuan/share, with 13-fold book returns; IDEAR HANYU closed at 54.16 yuan/share, with 9-fold book returns.