JD Capital’s Innovative Business Mode Promotes Regional Economic Transformation and Upgrading


Recently, Cai Lei and He Qiang, respectively partner and CEO of JD Capital, visited Luoyang City and Puyang City of Henan Province and Chuzhou City of Anhui Province for investigation and communication, and were received by Chen Xuefeng, Party Secretary of Luoyang City and Standing Committee Member of Henan Provincial Party Committee, He Xiong, Party Secretary of Puyang City, and Zhang Xiang’an, Mayor of Chuzhou City. During the visit, agreements on strategic cooperation were reached among JD Capital and governments of Luoyang City and Puyang City, to conduct overall cooperation in finance and investment.

In recent years, China’s economic growth rate decreases significantly. Local governments are faced with risks of system controlling, and tasks of adjusting industrial structure and promoting economic transition. However, this provides new opportunities for professional investment institutions to cooperate with regional governments. JD Capital will make great innovation in asset securitization, PPP investment and industrial fund development, so as to increase the liquidity of local assets, enrich innovative financing methods and support the rapid development of regional competitive industries and emerging industries.

During the visit in Luoyang and Puyang, Cai Lei and He Qiang offered lectures on finance respectively for party and government officials. Cai Lei shared his opinions on hot topics of stock market crash, “new normal” of economy, the National Equities and Exchange Quotations, trends of the reform as well as analysis on the securitization, centralization and internetization of economic development in China; while He Qiang gave explanations on specific strategies designated to promote regional economic transformation through securitization; he also introduced his thoughts on how to conduct industrial securitization and PPP business cooperation with regional governments. Besides, JD Capital also had prudent communications with relevant government departments and major enterprises.

Among the three cities JD Capital visited, Luoyang City is one of the famous capitals in ancient China, as well as a major industrial city and transportation hub. With its GDP surpassing 300 billion yuan, it is one of the front-runners in mid-west areas of China. Puyang City, bordering Hebei and Shandong Provinces, is a major petrochemical industrial city where Zhongyuan Oilfield lies. Chuzhou City is located in eastern Shandong Province and share borders with Jiangsu Province. With favorable geographical conditions, it is the core city in the metropolis area of Nanjing.