JD Capital-invested Aokun Listed on the NEEQ


On January 22, Aokun Biological Agriculture (831836) was officially listed on the National Equities and Exchange Quotations (NEEQ).

Established in 2004, Shanxi Aokun is a bellwether in agricultural industrialization and focuses on the R&D, production and sales of pleurotuseryngii and organic fungus manure. The trademarks for edible mushroom and organic fungus manure products, registered as “Auguang” and “Aukun” respectively, have both acquired IOS9001 Quality Management System Certification (QMSC) and certifications for organic food and organic conversion bases.

While focusing on value chain derivatives, Aukun innovates on organic conversion products (e.g. organic apple) and cooperates with Jixian County Organic Apple Cooperative. Through the unique model of “corporate + cooperative + staff”, an organic apple production base of around 10,000 mu is established and certificated. The Cooperative has won multiple awards, including “Shanxi Demonstration Farmer Cooperative”, “2011 Excellent Private Enterprise”, “2012 Excellent Private Enterprise”, “2011 Excellent Farmer Cooperative” and “2012 Shanxi Demonstration Farmer Cooperative”.

Prior to the issuance, JD held 28.43% stake in Aukun Biological Agriculture (2011) and was the second largest shareholder. So far, 21 of JD invested companies have been listed on the NEEQ.