JD Capital-invested Beiwang Husbandry Listed on NEEQ


Recently, Liaoning Beiwang Agro-Pastoral Co., Ltd. (Beiwang Agro-Pastoral, 833278) was officially listed on the National Equities and Exchange Quotations (NEEQ), followed by the company’s first round of private placement, through which 83 million yuan was raised. The capital will be added to the company’s operation fund for improvement of its competitiveness.

Top quality green meat product

Beiwang Agro-Pastoral focuses on pig farming and the processing and sales of meat products. The company has put into place a complete industrial chain combining fodder production, pig farming and slaughtering, cold chain logistics and end product sales. To produce premium green food, the company imposes standardized yet differentiated management on the production process, with specific standards and technical requirements for each link on the chain, aiming to satisfy customers’ need for high-quality life.

At present, Beiwang Green Pork and Yijiaxian Selected Pork, two of Beiwang Agro-Pastoral’s flagship products, have gained wide currency among customers. The company has established a national selling network featuring middle to high-end large chain stores, also a multi-tiered selling system prioritizing e-commerce platforms. 

NEEQ opens new window for SME financing 

According to statistics, so far over 4,000 companies have been listed on the NEEQ, among which 1,476 have raised a total amount of 82.937 billion yuan through private placement. As an important part of the multi-tiered capital market, the booming NEEQ serves as an effective tool to improve the ratio of direct financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in China. 

As Jinzhou (Liaoning Province)’s first company to have been listed on the NEEQ, Beiwang Agro-Pastoral’s entry into the capital market has not only brought about abundant fund and improved the company’s operation and management, but also boosted its brand recognition and influence. It will provide safe and healthy meat products to more consumers. 

As the second largest shareholder of Beiwang Agro-Pastoral, JD Capital will continue, with its own resources, to support the company in diversifying products  and enhancing a complete industrial line. Meanwhile, JD Capital will keep on investing in quality brands and companies on the green food and trading-up market.