JD Capital 2023 Annual General Meeting Successfully Held in Hong Kong, China


On November 17, 2023, JD Capital held its 2023 Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong, China, with great success.

After three years of separation, the limited partners, industry experts, and institutional investors from world-renowned institutions joined the chairman of JD Capital, the investment team and the USD fund team at the event.

They gathered in Hong Kong to discuss the macroeconomic, industrial situation, investment trends, and share JD Capital’s views on China’s investment opportunities under macro changes, as well as deep insights into the industries they focus on.

During the event, Mr. Kang Qingshan, Chairman of JD Capital, updated the attendees on the latest situation of the USD fund. The representative of the invested enterprise, Mr. Yu Jiwei, Chairman of Dongguan Hongtu, shared how Dongguan Hongtu, a modern metal and precision manufacturing enterprise, seized new opportunities in the midst of the huge change of China’s automobile industry.

At the same time, Managing Directors from JD Capital’s advanced manufacturing, consumption and medical investment teams respectively shared their insights and thoughts on investment opportunities in their respective fields of focus.

The investment team of JD Capital believe that, with the continuous development of hard technology and emerging manufacturing industry in China, and the continuous upgrading of China’s industrial chain, under the trend of domestic substitution and global expansion, China still has a large number of enterprise growth-type investment opportunities.

In the consumer sector, the trend of consumption upgrading and the rise of domestic products still persist in the long run. In the future, China will definitely have the opportunity to create world-class enterprises and brands, among which there will be many investment opportunities.

In the medical and health field, China’s population aging trend is constantly promoting the growth of medical expenditure and innovation in the medical and health field, which also contains rich investment opportunities.

The AGM provided a platform to share the performance of USD funds, strategic vision, emphasizing resilience, adaptability, and innovation in navigating the complexities of both domestic and global markets.

JD Capital expresses sincere gratitude to all attendees for contributing to the first offline Annual General Meeting post pandemic and looking forward to deepening connections in more opportunities in the future.