JD Capital to Hold Controlling Shares of Dongda Hospital: Empower Leapfrog Development of Regional P


Recently, JD Capital has reached an agreement with Dongda Hospital in Pizhou, one of “China’s top 100 strong counties”. According to the agreement, JD Capital will make controlling investment in Dongda Hospital through its fund, which is part of JD Capital’s strategic blueprint for medical health care industry and also a good start for upgrading shares holding to controlling in terms of investment restructuring.

In the future, the two parties will work in conceited efforts to promote the leapfrog development of Dongda Hospital, thus building regional private hospital leaders.

Hold controlling shares of Dongda Hospital to empower regional leaders. Founded in 2012, Dongda Hospital in Pizhou is a private hospital established in accordance with class III standards, with an aggregate planning area of 110 mu (about 74,000 square meters) and 1500 sickbeds. Pizhou is under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, with registered population of 1.87 million. The GDP of Pizhou was RMB 73.2 billion in 2015, ranking 42 among top 100 strong counties in China. Dongda Hospital is currently the largest private hospital in Xuzhou.

In 2014, JD Capital invested in and held shares of Dongda Hospital, the private hospital leader in “China’s top 100 strong county”, and supported its first phase construction. During this phase, Dongda Hospital completed construction of 65 mu (about 43,333 square meters) with a floor space of 76,000 square meters offering 700 sickbeds. The infrastructure including outpatient building, inpatient building, and medical facilities as well as environmental standards all reached first-class level among national domestic private hospitals. By 2015, Dongda Hospital has given over 200,000 out-patient consultations and the number of discharged patients reached 18,000.

With improving service and increasing demands for talents and equipment, Dongda Hospital started its second phase construction. Based on previous successful cooperation, the two parties recently formed new round of strategic cooperation with JD Capital further increasing its investment in Dongda Hospital through its fund. After two rounds of investment increase, JD Capital will hold controlling shares in Dongda Hospital.

Build investment capabilities through the model of “industry plus capital”. The promotion of personal income, improvement of consumption structure, aging of the population and changes in family structures will altogether bring about growing demand of number and better service in medical, cultural, educational and other sectors. The industry restructuring entails long-term, stable and giant market potentials. JD Capital will continue to undertake long-term strategic investment in these sectors, develop double professional capability through “industry plus capital” and hold quality assets in these industries.  

Based on profound understanding of health care industry, JD Capital has established specialized fund in medical and healthcare field and has made investment in nearly 50 domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, including pharmaceutical chemistry, Chinese patent medicines, medical devices, health care service and biological pharmacy with investment in nearly 10 hospitals.