JD Capital Named PE/VC of Year


In December 2014, JD Capital was awarded the title, “PE/VC of the Year 2014.” The award was presented at the China Business News (CBN) annual Financial Value Ranking (CFV) award ceremony held in Beijing during December 13th-14th. It’s worth noting that JD Capital was the only VC/PE firm to receive this honor in 2014.

The award was judged both objectively and subjectively. The objective factors were mostly obtained from sourced data, collected questionnaires, and in-person interviews, while the subjective factors were based on ratings from CBN’s Professional Team and Advisory Committee and by votes from readers.

The assessment indicators are mainly consists of objective indictors and subjective ones with a certain weighted raio in accordance with the characteristics of each award. Results of objective indicators are concluded through data collection, questionnaire and follow-up interviews while results of subject indicators are reached with regards to the scoring given by the professional evaluation team of the CBN (yicai.com) and expert advisory committee respectively as well as online voting.


First launched by the CBN Daily, CFV is now one of the leading ranking firms in the finance industry, having a wide influence in academia, business, and the media. CFV’s rankings reflect the values of Chinese financial institutions and products, and are viewed as among the most authoritative and leading indicators of institutional capability. This is the eighth CFV ranking ceremony to be held.