JD Capital-invested Gamedo Listed on NEEQ, A New Entertainment Pathfinder Sets to Thrive


On October 16, Gamedo Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Gamedo, 833416), a company invested by JD Capital, was officially listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

China’s largest video game copyright operator

With video and celebrity copyright operation being its core businesses, Gamedo is a leader in the R&D and issuance of video/celebrity copyright games. Since its establishment five years ago, it has now grown into China’s largest video game copyright operator through cooperation in the movie-game linkage model. 

So far, Gamdo has established cooperation with 38 film & TV producers. Under its exclusive strategic partnership with and Shanghai Film, the company has signed 88 copyrights for movie, TV drama, novel, animation and PC game. 

In 2014, Gamedo acquired the right to adapt the movie The Monkey King. As the movie recorded a box office of 1 billion yuan, it jointly launched the game under the same name with Mokylin and Baidu, generating a monthly revenue of over 100 million yuan. 

Precursor in new-type entertainment

As a developer and publisher of copyright games, Gamedo has made proactive efforts in exploring the common commercial value of film & TV, celebrities and fans. The games adapted from movies help integrate film & TV fans resources into the game, giving full play to the effect of “fans economics”. 

In April 2016, Fanbingbing Magical Model School, the world’s first celebrity game and Yulebao’s first product crowd-funded by fans, was launched, marking the start of mobile game O2O. The game developed a brand new model of “playing games online and meeting stars offline”. The recently launched product, Nirvana in Fire, also posted strong performance (topping the Apple’s Free APP List three days after its launch). 

Gamedo also seeks to make the Internet crowd-funding a norm for O2O copyright games. The crowd-funding by fans is based on “C2B2C”, i.e. shifting the focus from game itself to users. With user demand at the core, the new model allows users to create their own products. Every single fan involved in the crowd-funding is not only an investor but also a producer, communicator and customer. 

Incremental investment in new entertainment pioneer

According to “2014 China Game Industry Report”, game sales in China totaled 114.48 billion yuan in 2014, up 37.7% year-on-year; revenue from IP games was 2 times that of general games. As copyright plays a more prominent role, the integration of film & TV and games and the cooperation between video game IP and film & TV entertainment will likely usher in the red-sea era for the mobile game sector.

JD Capital invested in Gamedo in 2014 when the company had already accumulated ample resources (film & TV and star IP), established cooperation with key copyright owners and shifted its strategic focus to the development of star-customized IP. In addition to IP deployment, Gamedo has also built a clear and practical business model, driving itself toward a pan-entertainment Internet company

JD Capital will push forward Gamedo’s development strategy with IP at the core and crowd-funding as the key fund source. While providing new integrated entertainment experience (content production, dissemination and consumption all in one package), Gamedo will grow into a new entertainment company in the mobile Internet era.

JD Capital has always been and will continue pouring money into the Internet industry; by leveraging its resource advantage and capital strength and partnering with sub-sector leaders, it will likely become a unicorn in the sub-sectors.

So far, 42 of JD Capital invested companies have been listed on the NEEQ.