JD Capital Entitled as “PE Firm of 2016”


Recently, on the 10th China Financial Value Ranking (CFV) event organized by the China Business Network in Beijing, JD Capital was entitled as “PE Firm of 2016”.

Since 2016, under the new normal, the economic growth rate in China has been slowing down, diminishing the endogenous driving force of enterprises. As a result, integration and M&A have emerged as the new engine for corporate development. Considering the changes in the real economy and the capital market, JD Capital decided on new investment strategies, and fully started “integration-oriented investment”. JD Capital as a PE firm will make the best use of its industry and financial resources to help its invested companies carry out constant M&A and integration in various forms, and eventually become the leaders nationwide, and even worldwide.

To thoroughly implement the “integration-oriented investment”, JD Capital initiated a Bellwether Plan of cooperation between JD Capital and industry leaders. According to this plan, JD Capital carefully sorts out bellwethers and potential bellwethers in industrial segments, invests in them by such means as share purchase, mezzanine investment, and private placement, and accelerates their development mainly through M&A and integration. Meanwhile, JD Capital itself also carries out industry integration directly in order to cultivate bellwethers in sectors where resources are highly dispersed while leaders are in absence, such as medical, education, public, and service sectors.

Since its establishment in 2007, JD Capital has gained abundant industry resources and investment experience with its nationwide R&D system, and professional investment, risk control and post-investment management teams. JD Capital has invested in around 300 companies, with nearly 100 of which have gone public, conducted due diligence for almost 3,000 enterprises, and communicated with over 20,000 companies. Such experience and resources will serve as strong support for the “integration-oriented investment” strategy.

JD Capital has so far selected over 50 invested companies as the first partners for the Bellwether Plan, and also the key targets of reinvestment. Enterprises JD Capital has exercised due diligence for or contacted may become sound subjects or objects of M&As. The nationwide business R&D system with global influences will continue to play a key role. Its rich experience in value judgment and capital operation during the pre-IPO stage will also yield brilliant results in the phase of “integration-oriented investment”.

CFV, an annual financial ranking event initiated and held by China Business Network leveraging the power of all media, has entered its 10th year. It releases highly authoritative and foresighted rankings every year, including CFV Winner of the Year (International), Financial Institution Leader of the Year, Economist of the Year, Internet Finance Leader of the Year, and Financial Books of the Year. China Business Network, with its professional financial information platform, has clustered a number of think tanks and professionals, and therefore the rankings it reveals represent the objective and authoritative value of the enterprises and products in China’s financial sector.