Five Portfolio Companies Including TianKai Landscape Listed on the NEEQ


Chongqing TianKai Landscape Co., Ltd. (TianKai Landscape) was listed on the NEEQ on June 10th. Its public transfer statement shows that its main business is the design and construction of gardening landscapes of medium and high-end real estate (villas, foreign-style houses and high-rise buildings), among which, the landscape construction is the source of profits. In 2012 and 2013, its landscape construction revenue was 550.9596 million yuan and 634.86.32 million yuan, accounting for 98.02% and 97.42% of its main revenue respectively.

Five enterprises invested by JD Capital namely Warmen Pharmaceutical (430369), TianKai Landscape (830800), Anda Technology (830809), Fanglin Technology (430432) and Eastar (430628) have been listed on the NEEQ by the end of this year.

Warmen Pharmaceutical specializes in the R&D, production and sale of traditional Chinese medicines and Miao national herbs, which was listed on January 22nd. Its products included Relinqing granules, Rhizoma Chuanxiong Granules, Stomach Medicine  Capsules and Antiviral Chewable Tablets. It has GMP production lines to produce all kinds of granules, capsules and tablets, 10 NRDL medicines and 5 NEDL medicines, 7 OTC and 1 private medicine.

Zhu Yijia, Partner of JD Capital said, “We highly concern the NEEQ market and the SMEs’ financing requirements can be achieved on the market. After the implementation of market-maker system , it will be improved in liquidity and we will help more investees land on the NEEQ.”

JD Capital was also listed on the NEEQ and issuing stocks directionally on April 23rd and raised 3.5 billion yuan while directionally issuing stocks. Its net assets reached 3.64 billion yuan after the stock issue and it became China’s first PE firm landing on the NEEQ.

In addition, JD Capital’s first step of assets management layout has been confirmed: JT Assets Management’s application has been approved by the CSRC and it would get the official approval and set up the first PE fund after passing site supervision and inspection.

From the listed companies’ stock issuing situations published on the NEEQ during January to May, 2014, the stock issuing amount of the first five months this year, including the stock issuing of 32 companies and 22 company-listing and stock-issuing, has reached to 4.71 billion yuan. By the end of June 11th, the listed companies have reached 788, with total capital of 26.936 shares, and 81 securities.

The average period from proposing listing application to the final agreement is 40 working days. Sui Qiang, Assistant to General Manager of the NEEQ, said it’s estimated to have more than 1,000 listed companies based on its work schedule and market situation.