Jiuding Capital Invests 80 Million Yuan to Help Fuzhou Baiyang Be Listed on the GEM


Yesterday, Jiuding Capital invested 80 million yuan in Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood Co., Ltd., drawing the curtain of creating Fuzhou the Capital of Famous Seafood Brands with domestic and overseas investment companies. Jiuding Capital’s Executive President Lei CAI stated they would help Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood be listed on the GEM and expect to cooperate with more excellent enterprises in Fuzhou.

Located in Lianjiang, Fuzhou Baiyang Seafood Co., Ltd., known as a state key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and Fujian’s leading aquatic processing enterprise, specializes in the deep-processing of aquatic products, marine and freshwater aquaculture and import and export businesses of seafood. The company has a large-sized aquaculture processing plant, four large marine and freshwater aquaculture bases, and more than 20 branches all over the country. In addition, it has set up Baiyang Seafood Chain Stores in Shanghai, Fuzhou, etc.

Jiuding Capital, headquartered in Beijing, is China’s large-sized VC/PE firm issuing and managing several equity funds and focusing on investing in excellent and mature enterprises in Chinese fast-growth industries. Sichuan Gifore Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. subscribed in the GEM yesterday is one of successful cases of Jiuding Capital.

Jiuding Capital’s Executive President Lei CAI disclosed the reasons why it invested in Baiyang at the signing ceremony yesterday morning:

Aquatic processing has a wide development prospect;

As the central city of West Coast Economic Zone, Fuzhou boasts the advantages of convenient locations and climate conditions;

Baiyang, with a complete business system and a mature management team, enjoys a prominent position in this sector.

He said, “Jiuding Capital will fully use its ability and resources to help Baiyang develop rapidly, go on the GEM and become a leading aquatic food enterprise in China.

Baiyang is known to be to breakthrough its capital bottleneck encountered during development, develop rapidly and become Fuzhou’s new economic growth points after Jiuding Capital invested.