Jiuding Capital investing 90 million yuan in Binxi Cattle Industry


PEdaily.cn March 26th, global supplier of Mcdonald’s Heilongjiang Binxi Cattle Industry Co. Ltd. (“Binxi Cattle Industry” for short) was invested 90 million yuan by Jiuding Capital.

Jiuding Capital has invested many enterprises in the agricultural field, of which the most famous enterprise was China’s largest agricultural machinery sales enterprise Gifore. Moreover, in the pesticide field, Jiuding Capital has invested in 7 pesticide enterprises, including Huifeng Agrochemical, Guangxi Tianyuan, etc.. In the agricultural breeding, Jiuding Capital also has invested in a sturgeon breeding enterprise - Yichang Tianshan Sturgeon Industry. In the agricultural farming, Jiuding Capital has invested in several enterprises, such as Tianshui Junesun Fungi, etc. 

According to Zero2IPO Research Center’s data, during 2006 and the first half of 2011, the announced investment cases in China agricultural field have amounted to 114 cases. 104 out of 114 enterprises have disclosed the investment amount, up to 1.76 billion US dollars. In 2010, the announced investment cases have amounted to 47 cases, with the investment amount of 891 million US dollars. Its investment amount exceeded a half of the accumulative amount over the previous years. In 2011, it still continued. Currently, VC/PE firms in the agriculture field include Sequoia Capital, Tsing Capital, iD TechVentures, CDH Investments, Jiuding Capital, CSC, PreIPO, Fortune Capital, etc. 

According to the public data, Binxi Cattle Industry, founded in June 2005, is a comprehensive agricultural processing enterprise, integrating fattening of beef, slaughtering and processing of beef, cooked food processing, quick-frozen fresh corn process, etc. Binxi Cattle Industry is Heilongjiang’s largest livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing enterprises. In 2009, Binxi Cattle Industry was upgraded into one of 47 global meat suppliers of Mcdonald’s from domestic beef supplier, supplying 70% of raw beef of Mcdonald’s.

According to the previous report, in 2011, Binxi Cattle Industry ranked two “firsts” in processing amount (100,000 beefs) and export volume (20,000,000 US dollars), and the contract amount in the supply agreement with Mcdonald's broke through 200,000,000 yuan.