IPO Approval for Three JD Capital Investees on January 2017


Good news keeps coming from JD Capital-invested companies. Zhejiang Chengyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Chengyi Pharmaceutical), Hunan Juewei Food Co., Ltd. (Juewei Food) and Shenzhen Doctor Glasses Chain Co., Ltd. (Doctor Glasses) have gained their IPO approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) in succession, and are about to hit the A-share market.

PE capital is a kind of long-periodic and strategic capital in support of enterprise growth. JD Capital successively invested in the three above-mentioned enterprises from 2011 to 2012, and helped promote their market expansion and business growth. In the following five to six years, the three enterprises have entered into the capital market successfully, and JD Capital is expected to share the dividends brought by their rapid development.

Chengyi Pharmaceutical: bellwether of chemical pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is an important segment of high-end manufacturing industry, and also one of the frontier domains of global industrial competition. China has been attaching high significance to this industry and strongly supporting its development. JD Capital, keen on pharmaceutical field investment for a long time, is committed to assisting outstanding pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve leap-forward development. In this way, JD better serves the “Healthy China” strategy and contributes to social welfare.

As a pharmaceutical enterprise dedicated to R&D, production and sales of raw materials and preparations of chemicals, Chengyi Pharmaceutical deals in a wide array of products for arthritis, diuresis, viruses, tumors, nerve-soothing and brain nourishment. Chengyi is very competitive in the chemical industry, with its products commanding a ready market in the US and Europe. JD Capital invested in the enterprise in 2012 through a fund under its management, holding 17.84% of its shares prior to the IPO. 

Juewei Food: changing business form of leisure foods

Food consumption takes the major part in public consumption. As people’s livelihood continuously improves, the food consumption demands are becoming more and more diversified, with leisure food playing an increasingly important role in modern lives. JD Capital seizes investment opportunities in this industry proactively and works to propel its healthy development.  

Juewei Food is the largest spiced food chain enterprises with the largest number of franchised stores in China. JD Capital invested in the enterprise in 2011 through a fund under its management, holding 9% of the shares prior to the IPO. 

As a shareholder of Juewei Food, JD Capital supports the enterprise in its model reinvention from direct sales to chain stores, and fuels its growth from a regional bellwether of central China to a national one in the leisure food industry. In the recent five years, Juewei Food has seen its revenue increase from barely 1 billion yuan to nearly 3 billion yuan, and its store number soars to over 7,000 from below 1,000. The rapid development of Juewei Food is an epitome of the dramatic changes taking place in China’s leisure food industry. Amidst its industrial transformation from highly scattered model to an orderly integrated one, and from regional market to a national unified one, Juewei Food begins to show its brand value and management advantages as an excellent enterprises.

Doctor Glasses: leader of glasses chain industry

Chain business is an important kind of business form. Chain retailers can form obvious advantages in quality control, logistics and storage, operation management, and brand recognition, thus providing customers with standardized quality services. JD Capital will consistently fuel outstanding chain retailers to grow, and help them improve consumption experiences for their customers.

Based in Shenzhen while exerting a national influence, Doctor Glasses is a leading glasses chain retailing enterprise in business size and store number. Up to mid-2016, the enterprise has opened over 300 chain stores, covering 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China. JD Capital invested in the enterprise in 2012 with a fund under its management, holding 17% of its shares prior to the IPO.