Mianyang City Mayor Liu Chao Held Talks with JD Capital President Cai Lei


Recently, Liu Chao, Mayor of Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, held talks with JD Capital President Cai Lei in Mianyang. Vice Mayor Yuan Fang, Party Secretary of Mianyang High-tech Zone Xia Ming, Secretary-General Tan Gang, JD Capital CEO He Qiang and Vice President Shi Wei and Ma Hong attended the talks.

Liu introduced to the JD Capital colleagues Mianyang’s current economic and social development and development priorities of the next stage. President Cai illustrated the basic information of JD Capital and shared plans concerning JD Capital’s future participation in Mianyang’s economic development and industrial transformation. 

Mianyang enjoys great policy advantages and broad market prospects. JD Capital will rely on its rich experience in capital operation and strong financial strength to engage itself in Mianyang’s economic development and industrial transformation, with the aim to achieve the city’s leapfrog development in competitive industries such as electronic information, civil-military integration and equipment manufacturing. The cooperation between the two has bright prospects and huge potentials. 

A new partner for the “City Cooperation Project” 

In 2016, considering local economic restructuring and the company’s business transformation, JD Capital proposed and implemented the “City Cooperation Project”. The company selected a batch of key cities in China with an annual GDP of more than 100 billion yuan and a favorable industrial foundation in its effort to carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation, invest in fast-growing enterprises, establish innovative funds and run highly competitive characteristic industrial parks. Meanwhile, JD Capital is committed to cooperate with cities via debt investment and PPP cooperation for the development of infrastructure, public utilities, tourist attractions, health care and education, etc., in a way to promote local social undertakings.

Mianyang is one of the key cities in “City Cooperation Project” list, and JD Capital will accelerate its resource docking with Mianyang and contribute to the healthy and coordinated development of its economy and society.

About Mianyang 

Situated at the northwestern end of the Sichuan Basin, Mianyang covers an area of 20,200 square kilometers with a population of 5.48 million. As the hometown of the romantic poet Li Bai in Tang Dynasty, it is now a regional economic center with a GDP next only to Chengdu inside the province.

In 2015, Mianyang’s GDP reached 170.033 billion yuan. In view of its industrial economic development, resource endowments, comparative advantages and the overall industrial planning of building a Sci-Tech city, the high and new technology industries and strategic newly-emerged industries (two “new” industries) become the two focuses of the city’s industrial development. There are eight key industries, namely electronic information, energy saving, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, bio-tech, food and chemical, automobile and modern service industry including tourism and logistics. Resources have been integrated to ensure and promote rapid development of these key industries.

At present, Mianyang has a total of 9 listed companies and 14 companies listed on the Three New Board, among which 3 conduct market making and 11 protocol trading. The total registered capital of listed companies amounts to over 970 million yuan.