Jiuding Capital Ranks 1st for the Consecutive Year in Zero2IPO Annual Awards List


 “The 12th China VC & PE Annual Forum” was held in Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel from December 5th to 6th. This forum was hosted by Zero2IPO, a third party research institute in China’s venture capital and private equity industry. “2012 China VC and PE Annual Awards Lists” were also released in the closing ceremony of the forum.

The lists show that Jiuding Capital ranks the first place in “China’s Top 50 PE Firms” for the consecutive year by the comprehensive strengthen of the 1st place, as well as awarded the title of “China’s Best PE Firms 2012” and “China’s Most Active PE Firms 2012”. Xiaojie HUANG, the partner of the firm, is selected into “China’s Top 10 PE Investors 2012” and awarded “China’s Best PE Investors 2012”. Besides, the firm is also awarded several awards including “China’s Top 10 Bio-tech& Health Sector Investment Firms 2012”, “China’s Top 10 Advanced Manufacturing Sector Investment Firms 2012”, “China’s Top 10 Fast Consumption Products Sector Investment Firms 2012” and “China’s Top 10 Neo-agriculture Sector Investment Firms 2012”.

 “China VC/PE Investment Annual Awards List” by Zero2IPO has been published for 12 years. The list is based on a holistic investigation of investment, management, financing, divestment, etc.. For the list system, factors including assets under management, newly raised capital, number of investment cases, amount of capital invested, number of divestment cases, and level of returns, etc. are selected as important reference indications. And according to the actual developments, the awards list is adjusted annually, so as to maximally reflect the current actual situation of the development of China Venture Capital & Private Equity investment. This list is noticed and recognized in the industry for its independence, un-prejudice and objectiveness, and as a performance barometer for institutes in the industry becomes an important reference by VC/PE firms’ fund-raising and investment.

 Appendix 1: China’s Best PE Firms 2012

Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd.

 Appendix 2: China‘s Most Active PE Firms 2012

Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd.

Appendix 3: China’s Top 50PE Firms of the Year 2012 (Part)


 *Data offered by Zero2IPO Group

Appendix IV: China’s Best PE Investors 2012

Xiaojie HUANG  Partner of Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd.