JD Capital Is Approved to Initiate the Establishment of Publicly-offered Fund Management Company


On March 31st, application filed by JD Capital Co., Ltd (JD Capital) for setting up a publicly-offered fund management enterprise was accepted by the CSRC. The newly-founded enterprise is called JT Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as to “JT Asset”) which was registered in Beijing. JD Capital is be the first domestic equity investment enterprise which is allowed to establish a publicly-offered asset management company.  

In JD Capital’s opinion, China’s asset management industry has huge potential. Qualified investment enterprises and investors are allowed to take part in asset management, marking that the time for big development in the asset management industry has come. Based on value-oriented  and long-term investment, equity investment firms have gathered rich experiences in team motivation. Allowing such firms to develop their publicly-offered fund management business will has positive significance on healthy development of the whole asset management.  

No matter whether the asset management firms carry out private equity investment or publicly-offered securities investment, they shall put their core value on creating good returns for customers by virtue of value discovery and investment ability. JD Capital has worked out its main strategic planning directions, including being a comprehensive financial service firms focusing equity investment, exploring new asset management businesses and satisfying diversified demands of customers. We believe that more and more private asset management enterprises, with good customer base, management scale and management performance, will serve the publicly-offered asset management market. 

After establishment, JT Asset will have priority to develop publicly-offered asset management. It will decide when and which product will be released based on talents and market condition. At present, all preparations such as personnel recruitment are in full swing.