JD Capital Involved in Individual Venture Capital Sector after Setting up Dark Horse Fund


JD Capital Involved in Individual Venture Capital Sector after Setting up Dark Horse Fund

By: PEdaily.cn      From: PEdaily.cn    Date: 2014-09-18 

On September 18th, JD Capital announced to set up Beijing Dark Horse Investment Co., Ltd. (Dark Horse Investment) with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and launched Dark Horse Growth Investment Plan to provide growth funds for college students in the form of individual VC investment.

On the same day, Dark Horse Investment held Dark Horse Growth Investment Fund Press Conference in Peking University. Gang WU, President of JD Capital, announced the initiation of the college exhibition.

Fund support for all college students

Shen Chong, Executive Officer of Dark Horse Growth Investment Plan, introduced that Dark Horse Growth Fund was different from student loans. The beneficiary students could determine the repayment according to the return of fund. It could provide financial support for students in terms of large-amount training fees, studying abroad expenditure or the realization of personal venture dream. After being funded, they don’t need to worry about the tuition and living fees so as to be more independent. He said, “We are aiming to help every college student never worry about financial problems so that they can develop their potentials and realize their individual growth through the plan.”

It’s informed that the fund application website www.91heima.com would be launched soon, which would be more efficient for students to resister and apply online. 

Commercial investment replaces charitable contribution: to provide growth fund for college students by individual VC investment

JD Capital is pioneering equity investment as well as individual VC investment.

Shen Chong introduced that Dark Horse Fund was a public-welfare fund different from charity, which supported college students in the form of individual VC investment. Students could return from their income based on some proportion, which was like Income-Contingent Loan (ICL). The charity donation could not ensure sustainable capital resources and would be stopped once the capital was short. As a commercial investment, Dark Horse Growth Fund could ensure sustainable funds and made college students more independent and contractual.

To create Young Leader of the Future by “Fund +Value-added Service”

After being funded, JD Capital would create an internet community based on its resources to provide value-added services of tutoring, occupational planning, employment practice and social activities for the students. “It’s believed that some students in the plan will become investors and tutors of Dark Horse Fund in future,” a relevant header of JD Capital said.

Road shows to be presented in universities

Currently, Dark Horse Investment Fund has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. In future, the amount of the fund would exceed 100 million yuan. Shen Chong stated that there were more than 30 million college students in China, so it could not support such a huge market by itself. It’s better to have more firms, persons and the entire society to launch similar funds to support more students.

Dark Horse Investment has reached cooperative intentions with lots of universities and colleges. Peking University was the first road show university then more shows would be conducted in more than 30 universities.