Vertex Assists Jiuding Capital to Launch First USD Fund Financing


Zero2IPO Partners, on June 2nd news, Vertex Management announced on June 1st that the company has become the lead investor in the first USD fund launched by Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd. (Jiuding Capital) and assisted Jiuding Capital in closing the first round of financing.

Vertex Management is a wholly-owned company of Temasek Holdings. Vertex started investment in 1988, and is headquartered in Singapore. Its current investment focus is in Asia and USA, with operation offices in Beijing and Silicon Valley. Since 1988, Vertex has managed a total of 13 direct investment funds with a total amount reaching 1 billion US dollars in over 300 companies.

Jiuding Capital, a professional investment firm with deep roots in private equity investment and management, started business relatively earlier in China and was founded by referring to international PE firm norms. The firm focuses its business in China and operates by disciplined rules. Jiuding Capital team has a deep understanding and successful practices in China’s local equity investment business