Jiuding Capital Invests 34 Million Yuan in QILI Pharmaceuticals


Yesterday, Jiuding Capital announced its agreement with Haikou QILI Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as QILI) to fund 34 million yuan into Qili through its fund subsidiary. Now the capital has been paid already.

It’s thought that China’s pharmaceutical industry has entered into rapid developing period and the market size has been increased by 6.5 times from 2000 to 2009, much higher than that of GDP in the same period. During the period, lots of pharmaceutical companies with high investment value emerged. QILI was one of them.

QILI founded in 1997 is a high-tech enterprise integrating the scientific research, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals. It has been honored Top 10 Meritorious Enterprises among China’s Pharmaceutical Industry for 60 Years and Leading Enterprise of Hainan Province.

It’s believed that the research ability is the weakness of Chinese medicine enterprises. Someone even thinks Chinese enterprises have no such ability at all. However, QILI has taken research as its principal concern since its inception, and been awarded 24 certificates of new drugs, including two first-type new drugs and two third-type ones approved in recent three years.

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the key investment fields of Jiuding Capital. China’s first private pharmaceutical fund was set up by Jiuding Capital at the end of last year, aiming to invest mature and excellent pharmaceutical enterprises. Kunwu Jiuding (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Management Co; Ltd. is the primary platform to run the fund.