Xiaojie HUANG Awarded Annual Business Elite by “Fortune” China Magazine


Recently, Fortune China Magazine has completed the assessment works for “Top 40 China's Business Elites under 40”, in which Qiangdong LIU, CEO of JD.COM, Zhiping LIU, Director of Tencent, Tianqiao CHEN, Chairman and CEO of Shanda Group, Nanchun JIANG, Chairman and CEO of Focus Media, Xiaojie HUANG, partner of Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd., are listed.

Compared with last year, this year’s awards list has changed a lot for over 10 newcomers are listed, among whom Xiaojie HUANG, 35 years old, is the first time to be listed with a position of No.13. Xiaojie HUANG holds that the macro environment provides huge opportunities: urbanization, securitization, and interest rate liberalization. His ambition is to make Jiuding Capital an investment institution that can compete with international first-class investment banks by a series of innovations. In the highly competitive PE industry, Jiuding Capital has been awarded the first place in “China’s Top 30 PE Firms” and “China‘s Most Active PE Firms” in 2011 and 2012 consecutively.

For more detailed list, please refer to. http://www.fortunechina.com/rankings/c/2013-04/27/content_153555.htm。