Two NEEQ Indexes Released; JD Capital and Invested Companies Selected as Sample Units


On March 18, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) released its component index (NEEQ Component, 899001) and mark index (NEEQ Mark, 899002).

This time, NEEQ Component Index was constructed based on 332 sample companies, including JD Capital (430719) and eight of JD-invested enterprises, namely, Warmen Pharmaceutical (430369), Fanglin Technology (430432), Tiankai Landscape (830800), Petrobest (830904), Jiuzhou Optoelectronics (830995), Lingzhi Environmental Protection (831068), Huate Magnetism (831387) and Dongyan Network Technologies (831852). NEEQ Mark took 105 enterprises as sample units, of which three have JD Capital as the shareholder, namely, Warmen Pharmaceutical (430369), Fanglin Technology (430432) and Lingzhi Environmental Protection (831068).

According to the compiling plan, NEEQ Component Index basically represents the market as a whole. To become a sample unit for the Component, the company should have trade record since public issuance as well as a certain amount of capital stock in circulation. The qualified candidates are then ranked in descending order based on their daily average turnover over the past three months and the aggregate market value. The number of sample units is so determined that their market value should account for 85% of all listed enterprises. Shares transferred through all kinds of methods are included, such as through agreements and market-making. NEEQ Mark focuses on market-making shares which are more actively traded and invested. It is also representative and can meet investment demands. NEEQ Mark is released real-time intraday.

According to NEEQ statistics on March 16, there are now 2,091 companies listed on the NEEQ, with a total issuance of 86.832 billion shares and a total market value of 741.711 billion yuan, averaging 41,526,500 shares and 355 million yuan respectively. The average PE ratio is approximately 45.08.

So far, 25 of JD Capital-invested enterprises have been listed on the NEEQ.