Jiuding Capital Cooperating with CAAMM and CAMDA


On September 14th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Jiuding Capital, China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAAMM) and China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) was held in Beijing.

President of CAMDA Mao Hong, who presided over the signing ceremony, firstly brought to the public the news “CAAMM and CAMDA decide to hold the 1st Agricultural Machinery Industry Capital Pairing Meeting on the National Purchasing Meeting in Zhengzhou on October 29th”. It is not limited to the signing of cooperation; in the future, there are a lot of things to do. 

Director-general of CAAMM Gao Yuanen, on behalf of the two associations, made a speech: Today, the two associations jointly signed the cooperation agreement with Jiuding Capital. It is of great significance to China agricultural machinery industry and agricultural machinery enterprises, which marks that the cooperation of nationwide industrial organization and powerful investment institution will uncover the new page of “boosting industrial development with capital.” 

Gao Yuanen said: “To implement the Opinions of the State Council on Promoting Sound and Rapid Development of Agricultural Mechanization and Farm Machinery Industry and the Guiding Opinions on Boosting the Innovation of Rural Financial Products and Service Mode jointly released by the People's Bank of China (PBC), China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAAMM) and China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association (CAMDA) as the two nationwide industrial organizations, with the mission of industrial service, boldly innovate the service mode and utilize social capital to boost the upgrading and rapid development of agricultural machinery industry. 

Gao Yuanen concluded that the two associations and Jiuding Capital are to boost the sustainable and sound development of China agricultural machinery industry, and the three parties have their own strong points in technology, management, capital, etc. The strategic cooperation agreement is to integrate the superior resources of the three parties effectively to give full play to their own strong points, thus providing professional comprehensive services of “Technology + Capital + Management” for Chinese manufacturing and distribution enterprises of the agricultural machinery. 

The three parties jointly launched and established “Jiuding Capital Agricultural Machinery Industry Development Fund”. Such fund will focus on the development of the agricultural machinery industry, and support the high-quality enterprises in the agricultural machinery industry to be stronger and larger. China agricultural machinery industry, under the great support of national policies, with the high attention of social capital, is certain to enter a rapid sound development period and make new great achievements! 

It is learnt that Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd. is a professional VC/PE firm, as well as one of China’s largest privately-owned PE firms, launching and managing multiple equity investment funds. Much attention has been paid to some promising agricultural machinery enterprises. Currently, the company has successfully invested some agricultural machinery enterprises including Gifore, etc., and provided multiple value-added services for the invested enterprises, such as strategy planning, capital operation, management consulting, tax planning, financing consulting, etc., thus adding the enterprise value and maximizing the enterprise value. 

Vice director of Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Mechanization Management Department Liu Hengxin, station head of Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Machinery Test Evaluation Master Station, vice president and secretary general of China Agricultural Mechanization Association Liu Min, section chief of Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Master Station Information Propaganda Section Liu Sifa, full-time senior advisor of CAMDA Jiao Gang, vice director-general of CAAMM Fan Jinglong, vice president of CAMDA Chen Tao, partner of Jiuding Capital Co., Ltd. Xiaojie HUANG, partner of Jiuding Capital Lei CAI, vice president of Jiuding Capital Liu Xuemei, general manager of Beijing Xingdongfang Company Cai Fudong, vice secretary of Beijing Xingdongfang Company Wang Zunan, general manager of Beijing Agricultural Machinery Company Deng Ruiwu, etc. also attended the signing ceremony.