JD Capital Invests in Origen to Make it a Leader in the Global Packing Market


On June 23, Origen (002701) published a three-year plan of oriented additional issuance with the aim to raise no more than 2.5 billion yuan at 23 yuan per share. JD Capital and its wholly-owned Jiutai Asset Management, a public fund, jointly subscribed for 300 million yuan of shares.

A rapidly growing leading enterprise in metal packing 

After 15 years of development, Origen got listed on the small and medium-sized enterprise board in 2012. Mainly dealing in businesses of the R&D, design, production and marketing of metal packing for food and beverage, it is now the leading enterprise of domestic metal packaging industry.

Benefiting from the rapid growth of the downstream food and beverage industry and the development strategy of binding quality customer, Origen achieved an average annual growth of 36.8% over the last three years, far above the industry average. Business turnover of Origen in 2014 reached 5.45 billion yuan, and the net profit was 809 million yuan.

Develop into a leading comprehensive enterprise in the packing market

While cementing its status as a leading enterprise, Origen extends its industry chains through mergers and acquisitions, thus providing more comprehensive business support for downstream customers, and facilitating the establishment of a closer relationship with customers. 

In 2014, the company acquired four filling enterprises, and extended its business scope to beverage filling. Origen also carried out upstream packaging, design, and consulting businesses, developing its capability of integrated services from packaging design, to can manufacturing and filling. As a result, Origen’s strong ties with customers and ability to develop new customers were further enhanced.

In addition, the company became the second largest shareholder of Yongxin (002014), a leading plastic packaging enterprise, in June 2015, to develop the field of plastic flexible packaging, and achieve alliance between the front runners in metal packing and plastic flexible packaging.

According to the planning, in the next five years, as the company continues to develop its packing business, it will make an appearance in more fields, including packing design, can manufacturing and filling, and channel management through the denotative implementation of mergers and acquisitions, so as to develop itself into a provider of integrated solutions to packing issues and comprehensive packing services with the whole-industry-chain service ability.

JD Capital assists in the industry integration

In this oriented additional issuance, the major stockholders and the management staff of Origen will subscribe for no more than 1 billion yuan of the shares in total. JD Capital and its wholly-owned Jiutai Asset Management jointly subscribed for 300 million yuan to assist the development and industrial integration of Origen.

In recent years, JD Capital has focused on mergers and acquisitions. It assisted listed companies in nearly 30 successful mergers and acquisitions, and established merger and acquisition funds with five listed companies. As the strategic partner of Origen, JD Capital will make full use of its industrial and capital resources to provide more value-added services to the company while increasing investment, so as to help Origen achieve the strategic goal of becoming a leading enterprise in packaging.