JD Capital Invests in JD New Material with Oriented Additional Issuance, Mergers and Acquisitions fo


On July 21, JD New Material Co., Ltd. (002201) announced that it planned to set up a joint investment fund of one billion yuan with JD Capital. The fund, through participating or controlling shares, will focus on industrial merger and acquisition opportunities in the fields of glass fiber and composite materials. 

In addition, JD New Material also published an announcement of oriented additional issuance of 450 million yuan shares, of which JD Capital subscribed for 70 million yuan through Anfeng Fund.

Leading company in market sub-sector is full of momentum

Equipped with the most advanced technologies, Jiangsu JD New Material Co., Ltd. is the largest and the most powerful enterprises engaging in textile-type fiberglass products and the world’s largest supplier of enhanced grinding wheel-used fiberglass mesh. The company went listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2007. 

Since 2014, JD New Material has set up a clearer future development strategy, speed up the promotion of new technologies and techniques, continued to explore into the fields of high-end and highly-processed fiberglass products and of composite materials, and gradually broken down the monopoly of international industrial giants in downstream high-end fiberglass products. 

At present, with a complete business chain and powerful expansion capability, JD New Material holds a collaborative advantage of linking downstream and upstream in developing high-end products. At the same time, the company’s new products are gaining momentum. After four years of dedicated researches, HME, CFSM, high silica and other high-end new products have enter the phase of mass production, and the profit of new businesses is expected to ascend a new level when the designated production is met.

Focus on industry integration with strong capital

In addition to taking a stake in JD New Material and supporting its development strategies with more capital, JD Capital as the partner will support its expansion through the jointly-established merger and acquisition funds. The one billion-yuan fund will serve as a platform for JD New Material to consolidate its basis for strategic development.

In the future, JD Capital will help the company integrate upstream and downstream high-quality projects, and fully explore the investment opportunities in high-performance fiberglass products and high-end composite materials for expansive development. The company’s expansion and its major business serve as double drivers of the company to consolidate and improve its status. 

Up to now, JD Capital has assisted the listed companies in nearly 30 successful cases of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, and has set up merger and acquisition funds with nine listed companies.