Jiuding Capital’s President Xiaojie HUANG Talks about Lift Planning


UIBE News Net news (intern reporter Jingya ZHI) at 7:40 PM on Oct. 22nd, in Room 301, Boxue Building, the Youth League General Branch (Students’ Union) of School of Finance invited Xiaojie HUANG, Jiuding Capital’s President, PhD in Finance and Wudaokou champion, to share his view with UIBE students on some issues about his study and growth processes.

About Xiaojie HUANG

Jiuding Capital’s President Xiaojie HUANG has two “-est”s in China’s PE industry: China’s youngest PE manager (born in 1978), and most investment-efficient fund manager: within one year’s time, he created his own investment team, raised over RMB 1 billion fund, and completed investments in several high quality enterprises. HUANG was the champion respectively for entrance exams for master and doctor of the Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China (located at Wudaokou, Beijing), the so-called “Huangpu Military Academy in China’s Financial Circles”, and worked as a teacher after his doctor study, and soon was promoted to a division chief. Later he resigned and joined in the investment industry.

Starting from knowledge and growing from practices

HUANG expressed in his speech that the process of knowledge learning is very important, and even more important than the learning content itself. To learn well, first of all, you have to grasp during the learning process the main contradictions of things. Usually students with better grades are more able to learn by themselves. Only by grasping the main contractions during the learning process higher achievements can be achieved. Second, you have to accept the boring. “Beautiful life starts from self-control”. Although learning is boring, it is very meaningful to stick to doing one thing in boring environments. He shared with the audience about his hard experience in preparing for the entrance exams for master’s degree program, featuring lonely study life and uncertainty about the unknown future of exams preparations. Finally, belief in learning enabled him to insist on until the end. HUANG exhorted the audience to insist on learning hard in order to achieve greater achievements.

HUANG also emphasized that the most basic relationships in society are cooperation and competition. Thus in actual work, you have to face with two things: one is to cooperate with others, and the other is to defeat others. To survive in the cruel competition and to act as a pillar in the society, you have to have extraordinary courage. HUANG rallied that nowadays college students have knowledge and only lack of courage and resourcefulness, and in many times, if you do not take this step, you will miss good opportunities.

Forewarned is forearmed

Based on his own experience, HUANG summed up two stages of life struggle. The first stage features smartness, hardness and loyalty, i.e., smart brain, hard learning and loyal to the team. The second stage features toughness, wisdom, team spirit and obligation, specifically, to be very optimistic even in the most difficult situations and always hopeful for one’s future; in life, to accumulate experience and increase wisdom; to be true when cooperating with others; and to wish others better from the bottom of one’s heart. Only by this way leadership can be obtained during work.

In job hunting, HUANG hoped the audience would be able to choose their careers through their own efforts rather than be chosen by careers. “Know thyself, know yourself.” First of all, to determine your position in society, and know what you are suitable for, and then make efforts to accumulate indirect experience, often log on company websites and often consult with alumnus. Be prepared and you won't be sorry, and then you can make great achievements.

In the entrance exams for master’s degree program, HUANG said college students should not escape from entrance exams for master’s degree program due to being afraid of failure. To have a master degree can expand one’s job prospect, enable one to enter more advanced work units, and meet more schoolmates having the same intelligence, background and age with oneself. To take part in the entrance exams for master’s degree program also needs wisdom. During the preparations, first you have to collect information, and establish a solid foundation for mathematics and the foreign language. Second, you have to insist on a long-term body exercise, to ensure a healthy body and keep a good state. Besides, you have to arrange your time reasonably, and find or create a study environment appropriate for yourself, making one’s study more effective.

Not to be an amateur in competition on the same stage

On his own investment path, the success road of Warren Buffett had a great impact on HUANG. After analyzing Warren Buffett’s investment path, he graphically depicted changes of the psychological status of the stock investors at different stages, and informed the audience that only by defeating greed and fear can a stock investor make a cool and intelligent decision. However, nowadays, many people have desires and few people have ideals. He hoped that each of the audience thought about what they wanted to achieve were desires or ideals. He thought too strong a desire would make it difficult for a person to keep cool and calm, while an ideal would make a person strive forwards with perseverance. HUANG emphasized that in the cruel capital market, to complete with numerous business elites, besides possessing an ideal, you have to stick to the principle “in the vast, to pursue the exquisite; and despite being clever, to select the mean”. At the end of his speech, HUANG said: “A capable man having a steady character is great capable man; and a wise man having a calm mood is a great wise man.” He hopes all the UIBE students to be ambitious, down-to-earth and hard working, and finally successful.

After his speech, HUANG discussed and answered the confusions of the UIBE students in the aspect of finance. HUANG’s speech was humorous, and the atmosphere was relaxing and active with continuous laughter. At the end, The Youth League Students Union of School of Finance bestowed a School-of-Finance logo T-shirt to HUANG, thanking him for sharing with the UIBE students his most honest feelings and most sincere emotion. The speech ended successfully in applause after HUANG changed on the new T-shirt.