“Top 50 GPs with the Most Investment Potential” in 2008 by CLPA


The full name of CLPA is China Limited Partners Association, and the following is the top 50 GPs list.

IDG Capital Partners (IDGVC)

Sequoia Capital China

Legend Capital

SAIF Partners

CBC Capital

DT Capital Partners

Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Co., Ltd. (OFC)

Northern Light Venture Capital

Prax Capital

Zhejiang Zheshang Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Gobi Partners Inc.

Fortune Venture Capital

iD TechVentures Inc.

WI Harper Group

HSBC Private Equity (Asia) Limited (“HPEA”) 

First Eastern Financial Investment Group

Chang’an Capital

FountainVest Partners

Infotech Ventures Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Ventures Group (SVG)

Walden International Investment Group

Asset Managers (Asia) Company Limited

JAFCO Investment (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Orchid Asia

DFJ DragonFund China

SIG Asia Investment (SAI)

China Science & Merchants Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd.

AsiaVest Partners, TCW/YFY Ltd.

ChinaEquity Group

Tsing Capital

Navi Capital

Green Pine Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

Dragonvest Partners

Credit Orienwise Changfu Investment Management Co., Ltd.

China Seed Ventures

Shenzhen GTJA Investment Group Co., Ltd. (GIG)

Wuhan Huagong Venture Capital Co., Ltd. 

Zhejiang Sinowisdom Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jishi Venture Capital Center

Zhaohui Energy Industry Fund Management Company

Shanghai Aorui Wanjia Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Sino-Century China Private Equity Partners

Vincera Capital

Beijing Huida Jiuding Investment Consultants Co., Ltd

Govtor Capital

Leadreits Asset Management Co., Ltd

MGJ International Real Estate Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

NPEA Capital

Yangtze China Investment Limited