MOCHA, the First Indoor Bay Theme Block in China, Opened in Wongtee Plaza at Futian CBD Area | Star


On the day of the event, Wongtee Plaza turned into a cool bay brimmed with fantastic oceanic elements, making visitors feel as refreshing as in the underwater world. Besides, supermodels in bikinis and sailor uniforms enthusiastically interacted with visitors present, developing a realm of hot and cheerful beaches for visitors, and delivering the young, vigorous and creative shopping atmosphere of MOCHA to everyone.

Also, a romantic opera, Love of MOCHA, tailored for the event with nostalgic elements, fashion as well as spatiotemporal turnover,was performed on the scene.

The integration of medieval European retro court opera and fashionable bikini model shows not only entertained the visitors, but also deepened their impressions on MOCHA.

Situated north of Floor B1 in Wongtee Plaza at Futian CBD area, the MOCHA Theme Block covers an area of 3,500 square meters, offering visitors magnificent bay scenes such as the sailboat beach, lighthouse lookout, and spatiotemporal post office.

For the purpose of creating a theme shopping block with fun and trendy “scene experience,” MOCHA has had many novel and interesting theme stores opened here.

Surrounded by bay blocks and interspersed with luxuriant plants, at MOCHA, visitors can read in the Timewalker Bookshop, experience hand-painted pottery in Color Me Mine, feed marine organisms in AMF, and enjoy such unique theme stores as Gabriel, LYMTICS Floral Studio, and Original Foto Photo Studio.

A variety of famous internet shops selling delicacies and drinks have been opened in MOCHA as well, including PIG BOEUF, Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, LAKA MAKA, Heibai Dianshi, Guoran Youniu, KOZAKI, GTJuice and Mei Gui. Roaming around MOCHA, visitors can savor the distinct pleasures of this bay area.

Aimed at constructing a novel, dynamic life experience zone for modern people, the MOCHA Theme Block, with an advanced design and many original brands, will become a brand-new platform to meet diversified demands of Shenzhen citizens.

The well-known listed real estate developer Wongtee International (000056.SZ), formerly named “Shenzhen International Enterprise,” is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. In 2015, JD Capital customized an orientation for its strategic transformation featuring “denotative asset-light expansion + profound content build-up.”

Under this direction, JD Capital made joint efforts with Wongtee International through an “asset-light” strategy to, output business management capacity, incubate high-quality brand enterprises, and provide financial capital services, thus helping Wongtee International construct its own business ecosystem and gradually get rid of the conventional asset-heavy mode. At present, the “Great Business Management Mode” of Wongtee International has taken shape, and its brand value has also been improved substantially.