Momoda Ranks Among Top 50 Promising Consumer Brands 2017|Star of JD Capital


On August 17, the 2017 China Start-Up Consumer Brands Summer Summit co-hosted by Xiaofanzhuo and Fanzhuo Capital was held at the Wanda Sofitel Hotels & Resorts in Beijing. The event produced a list of 50 consumer brands with the greatest potential of development, and Momoda successfully ranks one of them by virtue of bright prospects.

Momoda, riding on consumption upgrade in China, has become the first Chinese company that comes up with the idea of SPA massage chair sharing. When people are waiting for the vacancy outside restaurants or cinemas, Momoda is available for a good massage with only a small amount of money. The company’s target customers are well-educated but strained people. Such service works as a good exercise to improve consumers’ living quality at their leisure, which conforms to the concept of Momoda for “enjoying a Mini-SPA with small change”.

With more than two years of fast growth, Momoda has gained highly recognition from the market and consumers. It has almost established cooperative demonstration projects with all mainstream cinema operators in China, covering more than 300 cities nationwide, having presence in 90% of the main cinemas with a box office of over RMB 10 million yuan. The company has also established a five-year and three-year strategic cooperation with Wanda Cinema and Xingyi Cinema respectively.

In 2017, Momoda proposed the idea of “having massage chairs in auditoriums” and turned it into reality, making itself the first company to do so around China. A number of innovative moves are one of the essential factors that have made the company a leading player in the industry.

As Momoda has always been developing innovative ways to provide better customer experience and to meet their needs, the title “the most promising consumer brand” is the recognition for Momoda’s strategic development plans. The company, bearing more responsible missions, will serve more consumers and create more value for them in the future.

In reliance on the products from its parent company, Aront, a listed health technology company (stock code: 603579; stock name: Rongtai Health), Momoda has had over 3,000 SPA areas in airports, railway stations, cinemas, commercial complexes, and office buildings in China.

Established in 1997, Aront is a company that engages in R&D, manufacturing and marketing, and provides health services, especially massage devices. The company boasts over 100 patents on practical and fashionable design and invention at present. It has been granted with numerous honors, such as “famous trademark of Shanghai”, “little giant enterprise in science and technology”, “innovation-oriented enterprise of Shanghai”, “high-tech enterprise”, and “Shanghai designated technology center”.

Aront entered the A share market in January 2017. JD Capital became Aront’s shareholder in 2011, holding 13.44% of its pre-IPO shares.

The Top 50 companies on the list was selected by popular voting and panel review on several dimensions including products, branding, market share, profit-making ability and prospects. Since other candidates include many promising new brands such as Mobike, iGet and Yanxuan, the fact that Momoda made into the top 50 list is a strong evidence of the company’s remarkable competitiveness and great prospects.