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In the ever-changing world, people’s old wisdoms and perceptions are constantly overturned. Whether you are politicians, ordinary people, entrepreneurs, or investors, it is essential to understand the future trends.

Based on a thorough review of the history, we can gain insights into the future. With five days to go until the 2017 JD Capital·Forum of Future, we are planning to present a crossover event combining technology with  finance, so as to unveil the predictions on future trends.

The 2017 JD Capital·· Future Forum will start on May 25. Themed on “Future of Homo Sapiens”, the forum aims to focus on both the present and the future. While embracing such leading-edge technologies as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and quantum mechanics, we will also attach great importance to other hot topics in the reality, including environment issues, health, education, etc. 

Faced with all uncertainties in the world, we are looking forward to sharing outlooks on the global landscape and China’s development in the future, in-depth discussion on leading-edge technologies and business innovations, and exclusive thinking concerning the current equity investment industry and M&A strategies. 

The guests invited to the forum are all leading figures in academic circles, investment, and business communities at home and abroad. It is particularly noteworthy that this forum, different than in the past, will present a crossover event combining technology with finance. More globally renowned scientists, industry experts and scholars, and leaders of outstanding enterprises in China will attend.

A Crossover Event Combing Technology with Finance 

The 2017 JD Capital·Forum of Future will be held in closed sessions. As one of the forum’s highlights, we will, for the first time, broadcast the keynote speeches and all theme sub-sessions live online.

Meanwhile, all outstanding elites concerned about leading-edge technologies, equity investment, and innovation of business models are welcome to participate in the forum via live broadcast, and work with us together to explore the present and future of the human society and have in-depth discussions on business innovation and equity investment driven by new technologies and economy. 

Here at the forum, you will know more about the following things:

1. Outlooks on the Future of Homo Sapiens

Today, artificial intelligence and algorithmic techniques are approaching the eve of their rapid growth, and various technologies are penetrating into our everyday lives, including customized information push, facial recognition technology, voice control, etc. Meanwhile, the industry consolidation in business world is still in full swing and the new economic reform led by technological innovation is waiting just around the corner.

As an important guest exclusively invited to the forum, Israeli historian Yuval Harari, the author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, will deliver a keynote speech titled “The tomorrow of homo sapiens: when will algorithm rule the world”, in which he will make predictions about the future of home sapiens and provide outlooks for the subversive possibility of “algorithmic techniques”.

2. A Review of the Belt and Road Initiative and Globalization

The Belt and Road Initiative Forum for International Cooperation ended a few days ago. At the forum, guests from twenty-odd countries along the route gathered together, which marked a new start of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Forum touched on a wide range of issues, including infrastructure development, innovation economy, financial platform, and ecological treatment. Hence, it is not only a route of trade, but also one of investment. The initiative maps out the prospects of the upgrading of the world economy, showcases the multiple driving forces of China’s economy (the models of “industry plus finance” and “investment plus trade”), and improves the thinking about the global economic momentum.

As the world situation is changing constantly, President Cai Lei of JD Capital will deliver a speech titled “Global Landscape and China’s Future” on the forum, in which he will review the world situation and explore equity investment strategies amidst the uncertainties in the world. Meanwhile, many renowned experts and scholars will be invited to the forum to, together with other guests, sort through the history and reality of the Belt and Road Initiative and identify China’s position in the global reform.

3. A Top Dialogue on the World’s Future

In the future world, is creature merely a kind of algorithm, life merely data processing? As human beings grow increasingly “useless”, the virtual reality world may replace various social systems, such as religion. By that time, which values more, intelligence or consciousness? When there is no more consciousness, what will happen to society, politics and daily life if algorithm with high intelligence understands us better than ourselves?

In the coming decades, artificial intelligence will outweigh human beings in more and more aspects. As more jobs are carried out by robots, a number of new industries will come into being. Faced with the uncertainties and changes in the future world, what new ideas and actions can be employed by people and entities to minimize the possibilities of such things? How can people, without being confined to the current ideologies and social system, think and act in a new way? 

President Cai Lei will have a dialogue with Yuval Harari at the forum to profoundly explore the issues which may influence the global social, business, and political landscapes and change rules of the human society in the next 30 years. With a review of the global landscape and future trends, they will attempt to broaden our horizon and expose us to more new options.

4. Industry Consolidation and New Economy

We shall promote the supply-side structural reform, boost the real economy, and prevent it from being distracted from its intended purpose—this is the theme of China’s economic policies since 2016. As a leading professional equity investment agency in China, JD Capital has always stayed up-to-date with the development of equity investment industry and the opportunities from the transformation and upgrading of real economies.

Against the backdrop of supply-side structural reform, how to achieve the profound integration of finance and real economies? How will equity investment facilitate the transformation and upgrading of real economies? As the current market is filled with uncertainties, how will China’s investment industry develop in the future? How will new technologies establish a brand new human society and business world? What should enterprises and investment entities do to adapt to the development of leading-edge technologies, unfold their development plans, and optimize their strategies?

At the forum, Deputy Chair Zhu Ning of National Institute of Financial Research at Tsinghua University will, based on the backdrop of supply-side structural reform, focus on the industry consolidation, and discuss with outstanding entrepreneurs on practice of industry consolidation and buyout in a whole new market.

Meanwhile, Vice President Wang Hongguang of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development under Ministry of Science and Technology and top physicist Li Miao will also be invited to the forum to share their visions with renowned entrepreneurs on a whole new economic picture driven by leading-edge technologies.

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On May 25, the 2017 JD Capital·· Future Forum will open the gate to the future together with you…