Countdown of Yuval Harari’s China Debut in 2017: Mysteries of Future are About to Be Revealed


Following the phenomenal bestseller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: a Brief History of Tomorrow is released to bring about dramatic changes to readers’ views. It is boldly predicted in Homo Deus that, in the future, 99% of human beings will constitute the “useless class”, whose human qualities and abilities are simply redundant; however, the other 1% will become Homo Deus who can overcome death with algorithms and biotechnology – the latter group will dominate the future as a new species of human beings.

The change maker is Yuval Harari. He is a talented Jewish author and young historian who has always been considered “a maverick genius”. He, in his thirties, has written about two-million-year evolution of human beings. 

With Sapiens in 2012 to Homo Deus at present, Harari is starting a discussion of human’s evolution in the future.

Will the descriptions in Homo Deus become realities in the future? Who will decide the fate of the “useless class” who may account for 99% of human beings? Will all classes in the human society finally settle down and remain eternally unchanged? Will Homo Deus, the 1% of human beings, be able to embrace a new round of evolution? 

Currently in the ever-changing world, people’s old wisdoms and perceptions are constantly overturned. Whether you are politicians, ordinary people, entrepreneurs, or investors, it is essential to understand trend of the future.

If another round of evolution for human beings has begun, we will, tomorrow, see a map of the coming evolution and open the gate to the future.

In the future world of data, how will we view data and its value, and will dataism triumph over all? On May 25, 2017, the 2017 JD Capital · Future Forum may help you find the answer to the questions.

The 2017 JD Capital · Future Forum will start on May 25. Themed on “Future of Homo Sapiens”, the forum will focus on both present and future of the mankind. Embracing such leading-edge technologies as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and quantum mechanics, we also attach great importance to other hot topics in the real world, including environment issues, health, education, etc. 

Amid the uncertainties today, we are looking forward to sharing outlooks on the global landscape and China’s development in the future, in-depth discussion on leading-edge technologies and business innovations, and exclusive thinking concerning the current equity investment industry and buyout strategies.

The guests invited to the forum are all leading figures in academic, investment, and business communities home and abroad. It is particularly noteworthy that this forum, different from the past ones, will present a crossover event featuring a combination of technology and finance. More globally renowned scientists, industry experts and scholars, and leaders of outstanding enterprises in China will participate in the forum.

Apart from Yuval Harari’s speech exclusively delivered at the forum: President Cai Lei of JD Capital will deliver a speech titled “World Structure and China’s Future” at the forum, in which he will review the world situation and explore equity investment strategies amidst the uncertainties in the world.

With a review of the global landscape and future trends, Cai and Harari will have a dialogue at the forum.

Meanwhile, a number of renowned experts and scholars in various industries and leading-edge technologies, along with outstanding entrepreneurs, are invited to the form to explore industry consolidation and buyout practices in the brand-new market, and share their visions on a whole new economic picture driven by leading-edge technologies.

If you have any questions for Yuval Harari and other guest speakers, feel free to leave us your comments.

On May 25, we will ask the questions for you and explore the future together with Harari!