Future of Homo Sapiens: 2017 JD Capital · Future Forum Held in Xiamen


In the ever-changing world, people’s old wisdoms and perceptions are constantly overturned. Whether you are a politician, ordinary people, entrepreneur, or investor, it is essential to understand the future trends.

On May 25th, the “Future of Homo Sapiens: 2017 JD Capital · Future Forum” was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Themed on “Future of Homo Sapiens,” the Forum focuses on both the present and future of mankind. While embracing such cutting-edge technologies as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and quantum mechanics, we also attach great importance to other hot topics in the reality, including environment issues, healthcare and education.

The guests invited to the Forum were all leading figures in academic circles, investment, and business communities at home and abroad. Numerous renowned experts, scholars, heads of listed companies, investor representatives of large organizations, and high-end individual investors gathered at the Forum, talking about the global future trends, sharing investment strategies, discussing the M&A age, and facilitating economic reform.

Retrospection of the History and Outlooks on the Future of Homo Sapiens

Today, artificial intelligence and algorithmic techniques are approaching the eve of their rapid growth, and various technologies are penetrating into our everyday lives, including customized information push, face perception, and voice control. Meanwhile, the industry consolidation in business world is still in full swing and the new economic reform led by technological innovation is waiting just around the corner.

As an important guest exclusively invited to the Forum, the Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, delivered a keynote speech titled “Future of Homo Sapiens: When Algorithms Will Rule the World,” in which he made predictions about the future of homo sapiens and looked into the earthshaking prospect of algorithmic techniques.

Besides, President Cai Lei of JD Capital also delivered a keynote speech titled “Global Landscape and China’s Future” at the Forum. With a century, a millennium and three millennia as three milestones, he stated his understanding of China’s history; also, he discussed how the future world would change, and probed into the human future driven by a new world pattern and technological innovation.

In addition to reviewing the world situation and exploring equity investment strategies amidst the uncertainties in the world, Cai Lei had a summit dialogue with Harari at the Forum. They profoundly explored the issues that might influence the global social, business, and even political landscapes and change rules of the human society in the next 30, 50 and 100 years, looked into the future of a world dominated by algorithm, and provided more paths for guests on site to broaden their horizon.

Looking into Future of International Politics Based on Present Situations

As a long-term strategic investment, equity investment should be made under considerations not only of historical development but also the reality. Facing the ever-changing international politics and restructured global geopolitical landscape, how should we understand the new changes of the world situation?

He Yafei, China’s Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, delivered a keynote speech on the Belt and Road Initiative and Sino-US relations at the Forum. He reviewed the globalization process over recent years, analyzed the changes in the global economic governance pattern, and discussed such hot issues as Sino-US relations. He remarked that, the era when global economic governance was dominated by developed countries has gone; the governance pattern now is becoming more and more diversified, as developing countries represented by China are having a greater say and becoming new engines of globalization.

Industry Consolidation and New Economy: Predicting the Future of Business

We shall promote the supply-side structural reform, boost the real economy, and prevent it from being distracted from its intended purpose — this is the theme of China’s economic policies since 2016. As a leading professional PE firm in China, JD Capital has always been staying up-to-date with the development of equity investment industry and the opportunities from the transformation and upgrade of industrial entities.

At the sub-forum themed on “Industry Consolidation and Economic Transformation,” Professor Zhu Ning, Associate Dean of the National Institute of Financial Research and Director of the Center for Global Merger Acquisition and Restructuring of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech on this theme. He analyzed in depth the transformation and upgrade path of traditional industries as well as industrial consolidation and M&A investment solutions under the backdrop of supply-side structural reform. Besides, he also had a round-table discussion with several outstanding leaders from domestic enterprises, including China Paper, CHSR, Doctor Glasses and Peak Sport Products, on the practice and experience of the transformation, upgrade and M&A investment strategy implementation of enterprises.

On the following sub-forum themed on “New Economy and Future,” Wang Hongguang, Associate Dean of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Li Miao, initiator of China’s Gravitational Wave Project and a prominent physicist, gave a report titled “New Trends of Biotechnology and Investment Opportunities” and “The Upcoming Quantum Age” respectively. They shared their visions with renowned entrepreneurs on cutting-edge technologies in the field of biotechnology and quantum, and on a brand-new economic prospect driven by technologies.

During round-table discussions of this sub-forum, leaders from Regend Therapeutics, Linkface and Monolith Tech, domestic outstanding enterprises in the leading-edge technology field, probed into the potential changes and impacts on the human society and business development brought by cutting-edge technologies, and shared their attempts and experience in acting to the trend of future.

Multiple Themed Sub-forums on Industrial Upgrade Facilitation Held Concurrently

On the Forum, multiple themed sub-forums were held concurrently for more accurate and in-depth discussions in different industries and fields. Numerous personages from the high-end financial circle and business community launched various high-class social activities themed on oversea M&A, industry-led fund, estate industry, tourist industry, consumer industry and manufacturing industry.

Currently, as China’s economy enters the new normal and economic development and enterprises’ endogenous growth slowing down, JD Capital has launched the “Bellwether Emerging Plan” to make integrated investment in a systematic manner. In the future, JD Capital will continue to invest in potential industrial bellwethers. While helping them grow from the inside, JD Capital will further support their overseas M&As, so that they could grow faster with enhanced technological, management and brand values. The managing fund will also gain more added value as their shareholder.

Integrated investment complies with the changes of the macro-economic situation, and proves to be an important means for PE firms to facilitate the supply-side structural reform. In 2017, JD Capital will continue its efforts in cooperating with all its partners for a better future.

More information about the 2017 JD Capital · Future Forum will be released in succession. Thanks for your attention!