JD Capital’s New Fund Obtaining Insurance Capital


JD Capital’s a new RMB fund - JD Capital Strategy Fund has completed its first-round fundraising and enterprise registration, with total capital scale of 3 billion yuan. The first-phase one billion yuan has entered the project investment stage. The RMB fund is to be completed and closed within this year. 

More than 80% of the capital of the RMB fund is funded by the investors from insurance company, FOF, assets management institution, etc. Through more-than-one-year overall due diligence, China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation became the insurance institution contributor of the fund in the first-round fundraising. Therefore, JD Capital became one of a few privately-owned equity investment management institutions funded by domestic insurance capital. 

In the investment orientation, the fund will be invested in JD Capital’s key research sectors, such as consumption, service, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, equipment, mining industry, etc. In the investment mode, the fund will be invested in the enterprises during the growth period, and actively participate in the merger investment.