JD Capital Invested In a Mongolian Pharmaceutical Company


Recently, JD Capital has successfully made an investment in Inner Mongolia Otaqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Otaqi), another medical project in Ulanhot of Inner Mongolia. Both of the two companies held a signing ceremony in Ulanhot.

Founded in 2004, Otaqi is one of the largest Mongolian medicine companies in China and one of the 40 key enterprises in Inner Mongolia, mainly produces and sells oral Mongolian drugs. In recent three years, it has ranked first among China's Mongolian drug companies in terms of business indicators.

Wu Qinggong, JD Capital's partner in charge of pharmaceutical investment, introduced that China's Mongolian drug companies have experienced a very long history. Especially after the foundation of Yuan Dynasty, China set up a complete Mongolian medical theory system, accumulated rich clinical experience and made academic achievements especially in the treatments of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, rheumatism and hepatobiliary diseases through the communication between Mongolians and other ethnic people in economy and culture.

"Products are crucial to the development of pharmaceutical enterprises. We are fully confident in Otaqi's drug varieties," said Li Guoxing, Medical Investment Director of JD Capital. He introduced that Otaqi had fifteen nationally exclusive drug varieties, the most in Mongolian medicine enterprises, among which, two were exclusive health insurance drugs, one belonged to six new drugs and many were included in China's health insurance areas. Rheumatism 25 Herbal Medicines Pills, Heat-clearing Eight Herbal Medicines Capsules, pediatric pomegranate & round-cardamom powders and other medicines have a huge growth space. “Good products, especially the exclusive health insurance or individually pricing medicines, will lay the foundation for the long-term development of enterprises, which is also their core competition advantage,” said Wu Qinggong.

Xiang Gongwei, Legal Representative and General Manager of Otaqi, stated that, “Our corporate structure has been improved after JD Capital invested in, which laid a solid foundation for our further development. We need shareholders like JD Capital that can deeply understand medicinal industry and provide supports in strategies, talents and resources. We can produce 300 tons of Mongolian medicines each year. Now, our new pharmaceutical factory with a 10-fold productivity is under construction, which will be used partially at the end of 2014 and increase our profitability.”

Wu Qinggong said, “Medical industry has been impacted heavily by policies. As an ethic medical company, Otaqi will be supported by national policies. We are fully confident in it and believe that the cooperation between us will promote both the development of Otaqi and Mongolian industry, and become another successful investment case in medical industry.”