JD Capital Wins Title of “Financial Enterprise of the Year” among Other Awards


During the year of 2015 which is about to end, China’s macro economy has gone through ups and downs, faced with tough challenges. The capital market was unpredictable, undergoing both prosperity and slump. However, with the nation’s drive for innovation and entrepreneurship and against a background of an improved multi-tiered capital market, equity investment embraces new opportunities. When looking forward into 2016, we are concerned about how investment institutions can help with innovation and entrepreneurship in both commercial and social sectors, as well as how they should seize the historic opportunity in an era of innovation and entrepreneurship.

A few days ago, the “2015 China Business News NEEQ Summit and Huaxin Award Ceremony” was held in Beijing, gathering NEEQ leaders, financial scholars and investing industry representatives. They discussed innovation and opportunity for China’s capital market and equity investment business. At the summit, the winners of Huaxin Award were announced, and JD Capital was named “Financial Enterprise of the Year with Best Performance”. 

In addition, at the 2015 China Innovation Capital Annual meeting hosted by 21st Century Business Herald recently, government officials and business leaders exchanged views on innovation, entrepreneurship, new trends of venture capital investment and opportunities for China’s equity investment. At the same meeting, the fifth PE/VC Competitiveness List was released, in which JD Capital was among the “Top 10 Competitive PE Firms”.

Since its foundation eight years ago, JD Capital has been engaged in equity investment and management, running several RMB funds and two USD funds. It focuses on investment in eight sectors, namely agriculture and consumer services, health and life technology, advanced manufacturing, energy and commodities, environment and public utilities, finance and real estate, technology, media and telecom (TMT), and military project. JD Capital has always been keen on investments related to the state-owned enterprises’ reform, listed companies and the NEEQ. Also, it has made many successful investments in developing and mature enterprises.

With a well-designed professional investment system and a perfectionist attitude towards investment, JD Capital continues to achieve innovative cooperation and mutual development with the enterprises it invested in. JD Capital is seeking for customer asset appreciation with a deep understanding of investment opportunities in real economy and capital market, as well as by professional use of different financial tools and prudent decision making. With responsible investment practices, JD Capital hopes to promote innovation in different sectors and optimize distribution of social resources.

Huaxin Award, as the most influential and authoritative NEEQ award, was launched by China Business News, and its winners are selected yearly by Federated Database, Juejin Sanban (Service provider for NEEQ investors, researchers and practitioners) along with a panel of 30 top experts in this area.

The “innovative PE/VE investment institution” list is grounded on 21st Century Business Herald’s research findings in equity investment industry and its many years’ existence in the domains of capital market, VC/PE and rapidly growing innovative enterprises. It is a sobering review of China’s innovative capital and a systematic appraisal of its growth paths, as well as a deep exploration of the logic behind China’s growing equity investment.