Announcement of JD Capital (600053. SH) on Relevant Internet Rumors


Announcement of JD Capital Co., Ltd.

on Relevant Internet Rumors

The board of directors of JD Capital Co., Ltd. and all the directors shall be liable for the authenticity, exactness and completeness of the announcement, shall promise that there is no false record, misleading statement and serious loophole in it, and shall promise to bear the separate and joint legal liabilities.

Rumor Briefing

Recently, some WeChat public accounts spread rumors about JD Capital Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) and Mr. Wu Gang, one of the corporation’s actual controllers (nominated as the 7th board non-independent director candidate by the 6th board of directors at their 22th meeting. Such matter remains to be considered and authorized at the 1st temporary shareholder meeting in 2016 through cumulative voting), and the major contents are as follows: 

Rumor 1: On January 12, 2016, “Beijing Jiushu” posted on the Sina Weibo (China’s twitter equivalent) that: “This August (note: it means August of 2015), I pointed out that the fatal flaw of Jiedaibao was not that it was suspected to have conducted pyramid selling-alike activities, but that the involvement of JD Capital, as PE, in the P2P business by investing in Jiedaibao was severely against regulations. Jiedaibao quibbled on the same day that the two companies had no connection, while the fact is that Wu Gang is the legal person of both companies. By midnight that day, Wu Gang, chairman of JD Capital, hired somebody to threaten me. To be listed on the NEEQ as PE, JD Capital is acting illicitly. Are they trying to wash their hands after committing the original sin? Repost.”

Rumor 2: Recently, the WeChat account “Beijing Jiushu” posted a moment saying: “I have reported to the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of CPC about a total of nine illicit behaviors of Wu Gang, former director of the Department of Intermediary Supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and present chairman of JD Capital. I’d rather die standing up than live kneeling down. A fact is a fact, and the truth cannot yield to evilness.” 

Clarification Announcement 

The board of directors of the Company has investigated and checked the matters mentioned in the rumors. By writing to the Tongchuangjiuding Management Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “JD Group”, the shareholder of the Company’s shareholder Jiangxi Zhongjiang Group Co., Ltd.) for verification, it can be found that the rumors are fabricating and spreading false information. We hereby make the following clarifications