JD Capital Holds 2016 Investment Strategy Meeting & New Year Return Banquet


Recently JD Capital held its 2016 Investment Strategy Meeting & New Year Return Banquet themed “Sincerity & Credit” in Beijing. JD’s customers and representatives of its invested companies attended the event.

In the past two years, Chinese economy, which is regarded as the “engine” driving world economic development, entered a new development stage where transformation and upgrading are accelerating and quality and efficiency of economic development are raising. The year 2016 is in this transition period and is deemed a key year for deepening reform. Amid the challenges of the new historical period, how should financial agencies in China make use of the trend and grasp the new opportunities in circumstances that are ever changing?

JD partner Cai Lei addressed the meeting with a speech titled “Visions, Methods and Techniques of Merger & Acquisition Investment – 2016 Investment Strategies the JD Capital”, which looked into the investment strategies of China’s PE industry amid present economic environment and historical opportunities and its future development directions in a systemic manner.

After more than ten years of development, China’s PE industry has passed the growth stock era and Pre-IPO era. With the influence of China’s economic slowdown and supply side inefficiency as well as the new opportunities brought by rapid development of the National Equities and Exchange Quotations (NEEQ) and its coming registration mode, Chinese PE agencies have entered a new merger & acquisition era with intense competition. Cai Lei believes the key to success of Chinese PE agencies  in the new era is to combine growth earnings, listing premium and merger & acquisition effect. Amid ever-changing competition circumstances, JD Capital, based on the framework of “one platform + three sectors + multiple professional teams” and “listed companies + private equity agencies,” is gradually perfecting various merger & acquisition investments with a focus on private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies and overseas businesses.

On the meeting, Deng Haiqing, chief economist of JZ Securities, had in-depth discussions with guests about the macro economy and global capital management.

Against the backdrop of global economic fluctuation and domestic supply side structural reform, JD Capital will stick to its ideal and mission, assist with the growth of its invested enterprises with professionalism, continue to create value for its customers and shareholders, and constantly pursue progress and breakthrough.