JD Capital-Invested KE Electric Approved for IPO


Recently, Shijiazhuang Kelin Electric Co., Ltd. (“KE Electric”), JD Capital’s investee, has passed the review of the Stock Issuance Examination and Verification Committee (SIEVC) of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and is about to start its IPO at Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

KE Electric is dedicated to the R&D, production, sales and technical service provision of power distribution, transformation, utilization and high-low voltage switches, as well as complete equipment and distributed photovoltaic power generation devices for smart grids. The company is one among the few with a relatively complete range of products in the industry, with products widely used in the construction of power distribution, transformation and utilization equipment of the national smart grids. Adhering to the development mode of “diversified products and integrated services”, KE Electric has acquired independent intellectual property rights in a number of core technologies in power distribution, transformation and utilization for 110KV smart grids and below, and is capable of providing systematic smart grid solutions including development, design, production and services.

KE Electric has set up 28 service sites nationally, initially forming into a sales service network covering key areas nationwide.

Besides multi-level and diversified business layout, the company has also been adapting to the emerging needs of smart grids construction and development, with a view to improving its comprehensive competitiveness and risk resistance capacity. In 2010, KE Electric formed a professional team for the development of inverter devices for photovoltaic power generation. Since its distributed photovoltaic power generation products hit the market in small batches in 2015, they have become the new driving force for business growth. In the future, the company will continue to follow the national strategies of “Internet Plus” Action Plan and the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, and make unremitting efforts to introduce mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things to the field of power transmission and distribution, as well as control devices.

A fund managed by JD Capital became one of KE Electric’s shareholders in 2010, holding 14.8% of its shares prior to the IPO.

By now, five among JD Capital’s investees have got their IPO approved in 2017. The other four are Chengyi Pharmacy, Juewei Food, President Optical and Huida Ceramic. Among these, Juewei Food, President Optical and Chengyi Pharmacy have successfully gone public.